MUCH Praise - CML (Cray Metal Finishers)

I have to recommend these guys highly.

They worked on some badly corroded radiators for me. Gave me their personal recommendations in treating the metal based on years of experience and then quoted me happy.

Old school friendly service and chat, high quality of workmanship and low rates. What more do you want :slight_smile:


+1 on that Afro, done my wheels a couple of months ago. Like you say, old school friendly service, one of the wheels was chipped so they took it back and did it again no problem, excellent service and work, wouldnt hesitate to use them again.

I work for a company which is only a few units away from them, they have powder coated 2 swingarm for me.

Both times they have been spot on :slight_smile:

I need two footrest hangers powder coated…can they do this kind of thing too?

I was going to use them for some bits on the bike… a great review and well timed… cheers :smiley:

Easily, and it won’t cost you much either.

But that rad wasn’t powder coated

No, but the powder coating for a few pegs will be quite cheap. Even cheaper if you chuck them in with another LBers batch…(when i get round to doing it)

No didn’t go down that route in the end under their recommendation, but they quoted me for a powder coat job previously and it was very reasonable.