MUCH better....

FINALLY got the new rear Diablo mounted today…just got back from getting her good and run in…good times…good times. Thunder Road was MADE for running in a new tire…had the place all to myself today…saw one car in the hour I was out there.

Just perfect…

Diabo’s rock, superb all-round tyre. You need to make us some onboard videos Greg!

All true on the Pirellis…I love the way you just THINK about tipping it in and it’s over and confidence inspiringly PLANTED…they wear pretty fast…I got about 3.5K out of the last one.

Investing in an onboard video system has been on my “to do” list for quite some time…but it keeps getting pushed back…bought Stephanie a new car 3 weeks ago (a Honda Civic…40 mpg for the win!)…just bought myself a new gaming PC…too many “wants”…not enough cash to fund them all. LOL

My friend with the TL-R1000 has a nice mini video camera…I’ll see if I can borrow it tomorrow. I think he has the editing software too…

Stay tuned… :thumb

After the photos you took of it not so long ago, not doing a video run of it would be insufferable teasing Look forward to seeing it.

Amazing the confidence good rubber can inspire, well worth the limited durability I’d say - enjoy your diablos