much as I don't need another project...

there’s a guy in my town selling a 1985 BMW K100RS frame and V5 for £10. tempting, could fit something silly in it

You could fit something silly in it, but you know you wont.

And if you do get it and put anything other than one of those daft fallen-over IL4s that BMW put in it I’ll confiscate it.

how about a fazer 600 engine, sideways?

I feel like we need an intervention

get a dog Mian, keep yourself busy without the need of spannering :smiley:

Get a dog? With his reputation?

I’m with Serrisan on this one!

idle hands are the devil’s tool, or so they say … :smiley:

How do you keep your hands busy Alba? Or don’t you :smiley:

she’s italian… they don’t stop gesticulating :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

(bloody filthy minds on here)

the first assumption is correct.
i’m not superstitious but just in case :smiley:

Oh boy do I know that feeling

I got 2 bikes under tarpaulin in the back that I was “gonna do something with”

and that was 8 years ago!

Mian is suspiciously quiet. We think he’s nipped out to buy it.