Hi, I’ve heard about this site sooo many times through my partner Mad-Dog-Dhofty so thought I’d register and acknowlegde what all the hype is about :smiley:

I ride a MV Augusta F4…REALITY…Cagiva Mito :)…So I’ll c u all on the Breakfast run sometime this year :w00t:

Take Care…

hey sexy lady HOW YOU DOOOIN:kiss:

Welcome aboard ms. mad-dog…

If you are brave enough to get on board that supermoto with mr. mad-dog you’re braver than me! :smiley:

Hey ms mad dog!!

welcome to LB!

when you come out on teh mito…can i have a go…pleeeeease:D…i love 2 stroke bikes!

see ya on the BCR soon!!

Hey hey Ms mad dog heard so much about you (all good:hehe:)

welcome on board it 'll be nice to have another lady in the pack

see you soon girl and get that test book asap don’t l;eave it to long :slight_smile:

U are such a bad influence :frowning: I have 2 exams next week & here u are persuading me 1ce again 2 join LB :unsure:

Hello and Welcome :slight_smile:

LB is important girl if you 're a biker chick:w00t:. Its vey educational :hehe::hehe:

You’ll soon learn :smiley:

HERE HERE! It will be nice to meet another lady rider…But breakfast run without DHofty will be nice 2 :hehe:…Only Joking, I’m pretty sure that would be boring :ermm:

Im definatly going for my test this month, cant have DHofty have all the fun!!!

So pray that I pass :unsure:

:crying:FINAL EXAMS!!!:crying:


Nice to see you on the site finally? I may have seen you some time ago on the Hackney Road, actually?

The good thing about you being on here is that you can keep a leash on your Mad-Dog!:wink:

Good on you girl, mad dog say your good so you should pass with flying colours.

you won’t need prayers But i’ll keep every thing cross for you:D

I got my A2 book 6-8june so hopefully i ll pass too:)

Then we can leave the boys at home at home to play thier toys:hehe::hehe:

Ding Dong, another young filly has joined the gang…Hello:D

Nice to finally meet u 2…

Truth b told, thats the only reason I signed up!! To c what MadDog gets up2 when the leash is off :wink:

I’m always around Hackney Road commuting 2 uni, but we’l definatly meet when i come out on the BR soon…ish :w00t:

i must have seen you too well your bike:hehe: cause am always round that area :cool:

Welcome aboard, hope your front wheel’s a bit heavier then Mad Dog’s ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Oh no not two of em !!! :smiley:

Welcome to LB`ERS