Mrs J does Wembley Stadium (car park)

Well, it`s a landmine,

Mrs J has driven automatics since 1992, she has had no left foot action due to a broken ankle on the Isle of Skye.

However due to my patience in teaching and finely honed driving skills she perfected hill starts and emergency stops in Wembley car park before driving me home.

(I have had to have a whisky afterwards)

Tomorrow we move on to rally skills on Hampstead Heath.

She shows touches of genius and much promise.

We`ll be out and about tomorrow so best to avoid the Ace as we are practicing handbrake turns in the morning.

when i first saw the title thought was a mass dogging meet :smiley:

No that`s Moat Mount on the A1, (allegedly) :wink:

As long as Mrs J didn’t have a whisky before :smiley:

I look forward to observing your handbrake turns tomorrow, but will avoid a seat next to the window to avoid injury by shattering glass in case the genius streak comes to a calamitous end :wink:

Only joking - am sure Mrs J can stunt with the best of 'em and is a Formula One pro in the making :stuck_out_tongue:

She’ll be working for Addison Lee before you know it

She`d take over there north London buisness quick as a flash, Baps on call.:smiley:

remind me to avoid north London in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Yer not safe HS - as confidence builds, so does the range:w00t: Ve hav reason to believe you live near Wasp & we may venture over there at any moment! :D:D

I hear Flak88s have not only been used to shoot down planes, but also lowered to shoot vehicles on sight, soo… :stuck_out_tongue:

and yes, I’m 10-15min foot walk away from Wasp&Ratcatcher :slight_smile:

We`ll be in disguise and off road in a madly veering Audi.:slight_smile:

What are your co-ordinates?

Failing that, leave yer blackout curtains open after dark.:smiley:

exact location is classified, but look out for a black and/or ginger cat sitting at the window inside ^^

just say when you’ll pop over to W&R, I’ll pop over too then :slight_smile: