Mrs Art's itinerary

I’m thinking the hacking of the TomTom has just come back and bit me :w00t:

Her indoors has decided with a name like Art I need to be doing some painting and she’s come up with an ‘Itinerary’ and several ‘Points Of Interest’ that includes the entire west wing and the exterior of the stable block. I’m guestimating I’ll be wrapped up with lining paper, sanding blocks, paint brushes, rollers and the like for the next two to three weeks :w00t:

I’ve read the small print, yes Mrs Art’s itinerary has small print. Looks like she has me down for 6 day, 60 hour week with Sunday’s off subject to good behaviour and schedules being kept. She’s also allowed a couple of hours off this Saturday to watch a re-enactment of the 1609 surrender by the Men of Harlech to the English, all heart is Mrs Art.

At least you got a concession for the game Art, it’ll save you hiding in the attic with a black and white portable and headphones…:smiley:

With age comes wisdom

Mrs Art is old enough and wise enough to know what’s negotiable and what’s not, while at the same time she slips something into the schedule that I’ll feel good about.

As cunning as an old fox too is Mrs Art, straight out of the unwritten Mother Daughter book

Dear Art, I feel compelled to ride to your rescue.

The options include:-

Doing nothing.

Kidnapping Mrs Art and teleporting her to a wild garden in the Lake District, plying her with red wine, 60`s music and a trowel. (You did say she likes gardening)

Kidnapping you and taking you to Broadstairs.

Kidnapping Mrs Art and taking her to the Bluebird Cafe in Ferring. She may like some hints and pointers following my ride with Ally to Tiptree last week.

Surrounding your Stately Home with a posse of wild bison, frightening her so much that she forgets the painting and offers you the opportunity to board up all the windows with only the distraction of watching the rugby until they all disappear.

May think of more options as the week continues, let me know if any of the above sound OK.

Seems like I really need to visit Mrs Art to get some tips on “man management”


Mrs J

Decisions, decisions

My first thought was to go with the wild garden plot, it being the farthest away and she does have some Degree or other in things Horticultural. Then I got to thinking her navigational skills are fairly poor and she’d probably take forever to find her way back and who would do for me in her absence. I’m not entirely sure where she keeps the kitchen let alone the exact location of the cooking, cleaning, washing, and ironing gadgets.

Struth, I’m now thinking it’s Mrs Art who pulled the short straw.

Must dash, targets to meet.