MRA Double Bubble Screens

maybe this should be in the praise/shame section, anyway FYI…

i know they are very expensive but after loads of research on the net and checking out many different screens of other bikes, i bought an MRA double bubble screen this week for the CBR (light smoked screen)

i think its one of the only after market screens that has proper graduated full black shading to cover the instrument panel and give that proper original look (some others can provide a lower screen sticker solution)

arrived within two days from here
very well packaged and comes with trim included (should do at the price)

piece of pee pee to install, all done in 10mins and the screen is easily up to the same standard as OEM screen, if not better

have yet to test the difference on the road due to commuting in inner london but i will be blatting down to Kent tomorrow, already looks like i will have a load more space to tuck into :slight_smile:

MRA are the market leaders but i wasn’t liking the styling for my 10.

Have just ordered an Airblade one as used by the Virgin Team (apparently)

DARK smoke, if it works as good as it looks i’ll be happy on my daily 20 mile each way blast up and down the M20