Mr. NorVin owner. What planet are you from?

Ok, whole scene. Down in Rye, Sunday. On a run, 20 odd bikes filling up, hanging about. Fantastic noise. Man with a mint NorVin (it says that on the tank) Vincent engine, lovely machine, is behind me. Sort of must have seen my “hmm. That is sort of way cooler than anything that I have seen hitherto” look. “Saves loads on tax” was his comment. Made me angry, really. There he was with a bike that was worth 10 of mine, and the bastard is wingeing about having to pay his way to use the roads.

Now, there are a couple of other sides to this argument, must say:

  • He probably doesn’t do more than a couple of hundred miles a year on it, its nice to see these bikes being used
  • He might have a collection of cars and bikes, and asking him to tax them all isn’t fair

On the other hand - so if people didn’t have collections of this stuff, people like you and me might have a chance to buy a vintage-type classic for less than silly money.

Still dont know how angry to be. Did watch the old miser scowl at his receipt for the petrol, but dont let that affect your decision.

Do you have a sense of humour at all? Jesus, this is like over-analyzing a simple joke to the extreme.

Yes. Oh, whatsisname, the chap who claims to be a PC. he makes his living from that kind of thing… Shit, I’m not asking much. I mean, god, if I could afford to have a vincent for sunday outings, I’d harly be worried about some arsehole like me cocking snide remarks at me on internet forums, would I? Just click the ‘Give the guy a break’ box if thats how you feel.

Me, I’m just angry and bitter that I wasn’t born into this privileged class, and was forced by my parents to ride 20 year-old MZ’s as a rite of passage.

I think he should suffer in the way of high petrol prices only cos he jumped in the que, how many of us was waiting for pertol?

:slight_smile: Bloody right! and Hi! Just found here on sundays recommendation.

Bloody (sorry 'bout the politix) torys and their sense of bloody entitlement. Wound me up, christ. Two worlds. And grrrr…

Y’all get back ok? All the sunday drivers had come out, I found. Had to use commuter tactics…

i thought the same. :smiley:

better the bike goes to someone like that than gets scrapped

if he was really taking the pi$$ he’d have told you he only pays £15 a year insurance too :smiley:

Did it go up :w00t:

He’s clearly from the planet “works hard to earn his toys and is probably fed up of paying tax on his company profits, tax on his earnings, tax on his insurance, VAT on his leathers, VAT on his servicing, tax on his petrol, tax to use the road, and all the tax he will pay when he dies, when all he wants to do is ride his favourite bike on a sunny day with other like-minded and friendly folks”.

i’d say 0% would be apropriate

Come on, I object - it definitely worth more than 10 of yours! :w00t:

heh heh … good one Martin :hehe:

Good to have you on the ride Adam, and that petrol station was getting a bit hectic. Sounds like that guy may have been a bit on the arrogant side, though maybe he was trying to be funny. Maybe the bike is real pain to look after, work reliably, get parts for, insure, stop theiving scroats and all the rest … one of the few pleasures he’s got left on the odd day he gets it out is it costs him a bit less on tax :wink:

Personally, I like cheaper bikes I hardly have to worry about … even if I have to pay full road tax :slight_smile:

Can somebody translate this please? I’m a cop?? :w00t:

Stopped to get petrol today. A guy on an old restoration bike was there as well. He made a joke about saving loads of cash by not having to pay road tax. I rode off. The End


I don’t get what you feel you should be angry about? :ermm:

So what if he doesn’t pay for a tax disc? Surely you can’t begrudge a person not paying tax on a vehicle that is more than 20 years old? I’d say he (and other previous owners) had paid his (their) fair share over the years. If you’re that angry, go and buy an older bike! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Incidently, the thought that the tax disc is a form of road tax is false. It’s a vehicle excise licence, and is literally a way of taxing you to use the vehicle. It has nothing to do with the upkeep of roads as most people think, as this comes from everyday taxes paid by everybody. :wink:

I’ll let you into a secret. My other vehicle is a '75 VW camper. I’d be happier if it were 4 years older, and tax-free. I do actually think ‘fair enough, if he takes it out now and again and enjoys it’. I know I would. :slight_smile:

This is a Vincent Engine in a Norton frame. Top aftermarket vented twin-leading shoe front brake. course it is a pain to look after, :smiley: thats the fun of having something like that. People who run this stuff are either (Nick Mason etc) or spend as much time tinkering with them as they do actually riding them. And bloody hero for putting 50-odd Bhp @ 3000 rpm through a 2.75x19 rear tyre. Bet he doesn’t take it out in the wet…

I don’t have an effing clue what this thread is about except I kind of detect someone got upset for no reason at all about an off the cuff aside from some other guy on a classic bike.

I was admiring a beautiful Norton Dominator while waiting for an MoT a couple of years back when the owner turned up. I remarked that it was a lovely machine.

He said “It’s and absolute cow to start when it’s luke warm.”

Should I start a thread vilifying the man?

These old bikes do seem to bring out a strong love-hate of the bike in their owners. I believe it was Fight Club said “you don’t own possessions, they end up owning you”. Seems like some of these old bike owners have been pwned!