I parked my bike in a bike bay this morning and when i went back to it to get something from under the seat i saw that my bike was moved over at an angle touching the other bike next to me so that Mr KTM could get hi crappy Austrian piece of crap in and damaged my bike.
If this is someone on here this is not on and if i see you a getting off or on your bike i break your frightfully hands as you owe me money to pay for the part that is broken.
Also some scum bag nicked the handle bar cover off my bike, so not best pleased at the moment.

I really really really really hate it when people move my bike just to stick their worthless piece of crap into a non existant space. If there is no space, feck off and park somewhere else. JohnP can I join you in the gentle persuasion of teaching people how to respect other peoples property and educate them in the correct manner of parking. No Space Feck OFF!

Yes your more than welcome to join me.

Doesnt sound like a normal KTM owner, they are usually Uber careful about their bikes as the sidestand does lean the bikes over. That said, if it was a KTM Duke it’s a different kettle of fish.