Mr Jetstream injured :(

Thumb and middle finger on the clutch hand injured! Burnt in microwave incident, now has severe blisters, but is manning up with ice cubes trying to take away the pain.

Hoping to be OK to ride at the weekend.

A good soaking in a bowl of water and ice will do the trick

What exactly did you do?

mr J!

you know you shouldnt play with the microwave… evil things :laugh:

hope you’ll feel better soon, olive oil is very good for burns and it takes the pain away. :kiss:

Reached in the microwave to get out the serving bbowls, now i have 95 persent burns to my whole boby and an waiting to be airlifted to Mount Vernon hospital.:stuck_out_tongue:

I can come over and make him think of something else…:wink:

That’ll learn ya to cook :stuck_out_tongue: And don’t go near any sharp instruments either!

Julie - you should be more careful with the “special” ones :smiley:

You know when I clicked on this thread I just assumed it would be through an horrific wanking accident.

Just the reputation you have :smiley:

Aww, thanks Kaos:) And there I was counting on you for advice on how to claim compensation from Mrs J’s home insurance :frowning:

Ouch! Get well soon Mr J!

Perhaps Julie should lead this rideout? :smiley:

lie back and think of queen and country?

Not sure where you got this from, am taking legal advice for defamation of character.

You will hear from my lawyer.:angry:

Oh no! Evil microwave!

Put a metal spoon in it, or a dozen eggs, at full power for 10 minutes. That will teach it a lesson!

( not to be tried at home kids )

Actually if you are a guest in her home, you could claim for her negligence in not setting the microwave properly resulting in your permanent and debilitating injuries, having loss of amenity, earnings and enjoyment…you may never play the piano again!

Of course the courts might just say that you should have known something would be hot when you stuck your hand in the microwave and your own stupidity shouldn’t be rewarded.

Bring that evil microwave to Cheltenham… I’ll show it how we treat no good electrical devices in these neck of the woods :smiley:

Thanks Kaos, you would think an ex-Science teacher might realise that a bowl that has been heated up in a microwave might be hot & need a cloth to pick it up;) Can I book your services for the court battle before he gets a bid in?

Julie xx

When Mrs J says get the bowls out, you don`t ask or look for reasons not to, you just jump.

Im now cowering in the garden shed with badly burned fingers and worrying what shell ask of me next.

This is an all corners plea for help. LB if you have any sence of loyalty, rescue me now.

This thread needs grusome injury piccys :smiley:

Why am I getting images of Fawlty Towers pinging into my head? :smiley:

[ Hope the finger swelling calms down soon! ]

I|`ve lost two fingers and the best part of my knob, how do you expect me to take apicture?