MPH show

Anyone going to the MPH show in London? I’ll be there on saturday :smiley:

Sorry to sound like a knob BUT what and where is the MPH Show??:w00t:


we are off tonight wooohooo

I think it’s basically a live show centered around Jeremy Clarkson…

I would go but only if someone paid me about £200.

Lots of very hot supercars, Astons, lambos ferrari’s :smiley:

Clarkson,why would anyone want to waste a day with that ARSE,sorry my opinoin,anyway everyone have fun…:angry:

What and awesome day! Loads of pics, they will be going on facebook! Bikes and trikes there too so all in all a very good day :slight_smile:

Went last year but although it was good didn’t feel it was worth the money. Clarkson is such an idiot as well.

There is a bike show at the NEC, is there one in London at all does anyone know? Would love to go to one

They have one at excel at the start of the year

Awesome cheers, :smiley:

No probs, its not a bad show. Didnt go last year though cause of work.

I’m sure it is good! Do they have stunt riders there as well? Think I may have to go to this! :w00t:

Were some bikes at the MPH, made the day sooooo much better than it already was lol :hehe:

Yeah they have stunt riders. They had some fmx guys aswell as people stunting on road bikes, oh and they had a supermoto race a buggy, the supermoto won ofcourse, they also had football on scooters which was funny.

Not sure whats on this year not realy looked at the website yet

Don`t do it Clarkson is a mysogynistic paedo antibiker PoS.

Youl`d be better joining our vegetarian south coast carrot hunt 9.11:)08

Big hunky Chris and submissive Julie, anything goes down in the allotments.

football on scooters! I was thought it was good on cars, but on scooters…def have to see that!

Kylie youre a gem, cant wait to meet you. When are you comming on a ride out? x

really?! Well i don’t have a bike yet, Looking to do my CBT and DAS early next year. Have been to the ace! Trying to get up again soon though

The London Excel show is ok but not really worth it for the price they charge. Luckily this year a bunch of us on another forum got in for £1 each thanks to one of us spotting a Daily Telegraph promotion. Had a laugh taking a B-King out for a test ride :laugh: