MPH or KMPH Whats legal?

I have a 30 year old German imported bike with a KMPH speedo, do I need a mph speedo in order to register and use the bike on our roads?

is it an MZ by any chance :stuck_out_tongue:

you’ll be fine with a sticker over the KPH telling you the equivalent MPH! trick is finding one to match your speedo. I have seen people simply putting a red marker on 30 one at 50 and one at 70.

Wait 70 on an MZ :w00t: haha better make that 60 :stuck_out_tongue:

the speedo itself is a guide, not a legal requirement.

how you keep track of your speed is your problem.

as long as you know the kmph=mph you should be ok.

Funnily enough the speedo isn’t part of the MOT requirement - I found this out when I f’ked up the speedo drive gear on the Bandit 2 days before MOT :w00t: … managed to gaffer tape it up anyway so it worked!

Perfectly fine to have a KPH speedo, just mark the areas where the MPH values are. My first bike was an import and had KPH with stickers on for MPH.

When I hoofed her in the arse end of a Ford Focus, I changed the clocks for MPH and kept pics of the distance changes in case I ever wanted to sell her. As mentioned, it ain’t required for the MOT so you’ll be fine.

You could always start a petition to get manufacturers to make all clocks MPH - actually, don’t bother ! :rolleyes:

I used pinstriping masking tape to spray marker lines for 30,40,50 and 70 on my old kph street moto speedo glass and no one ever queried that.

Might not be a legal requirement but the Mets. finest are sitting behind you, it’s nice not to have to do the mental stuff to work out what speed you doing.

OR: you can buy a small box that fits between the speedo and the drive cable and converts the kph speedo to mph. (M&P catalogue or on line.)

Thanks for the advice, looks like stickers on the speedo glass is a winner.

Photographichero I misled you its not a German bike, it’s a bike imported from Germany, would I buy an MZ ???

I can get one of those at B&Q its called a Lawnmower.

I purchased a Suzuki gt250X7, memory lane and all that stuff.