MPG - what are you getting

Okay done 2 measurements… 1st one was 170 miles on 17 litres so that’s 3.7 gallons or 45 mpg - that was not going over 80 mph on the motorway on the way home each night.

Then the second came out at 32 mpg - that was me doing my normal speed up the M1 on the way home each night.

I can’t believe how much difference it makes… also is 45 mpg very good?


How would you calculate this? I personally don’t run my tank dry so don’t know how much fuel I’ve used, and the size of the tank is not what the manufacturer claims, i.e. I’ve never been able to fill it to the capacity they claim.

In laymans terms I know I get about 75-80 miles before my reserve comes on, and that’s about £10 of fuel.

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you fill up the tank, zero the counter and ride til your next fill up. the amount you put in is the amount you used. divide one by the other

i get almost a ton out my tank before the lights on. more on track ironically. it’ll vary depending on your riding style that tank, temperature, quality of the fuel you last put in (it does vary a bit petrol station to petrol station), whether you’ve had a pillion much etc…

It usually costs me £14.00 to fill up and I can get up to 160 miles on that, much more on long runs.

Fair enough Though my bike will read more miles than I’ve done because of the down-gearing. About 15% more. My bike’s not tuned for fuel efficiency, just performance, so the MPG will be crap, heh.

It costs me about £12 to fill up when the reserve comes on and that is usually around 120 miles with spirited riding.

I think it works out to about 36 mpg average. This it’s a 17 litre tank and reserve it good for another 30 odd miles, but never tried it.

I ride a 'storm so tend not to think about things like this. Just where the next petrol station is…

acutally it prob IS tuned for fuel efficiency, you just dont ride it with fuel economy in mind!

why dont you get a speedo healer?

Commuting I only get just over 80 miles before the reserve bars come on but then my journey (apart from Chelsea embankment) is all stop, start, acclerate hard, brake, brake, brake… dodging the traffic till the next lights .

Calculated it a few times and it averaged out at 33 mpg.

Matt, I don’t know what’s up with modern 600s but mine basically has the same engine as yours and averages 56 mpg. If I really cane it i can just get it to drop to around 50 but I’ve also managed 65+ just pootling around (a rare occurrence). Runs onto reserve at about 155 miles and I’ve done another 20 after that without running dry.

grrr… I wonder what it is then? Basically my reserve light comes on at 165/170 if I’m being sensible and don’t go about 80 - that’s about 17 litres of fuel.


My hornet will do 50-55mpg on a run (typically 150 miles to reserve, 13 litres), but if I obey the speed limits I can see as much as 60-65mpg. If I use it for commuting to work (8.5 miles each way in town) I can get as litle as 35-40 mpg.

My mileage improved after the engine was completely run in and had loosened up (25,000 to 30,000 miles).

My KL250 dirt bike does 65-75mpg.


We should start a league table!

My sv650 gives about 36 mpg :S warning light comes on at 100miles! my old 125 could do newcastle-manchester (160miles) for £6!! took over 4 hours each time though.

Seeing as petrol is sold in litres I have no idea

dunno my mpg!! cant be too good though!! my reserve light came on as i left the M40/m25 slip road so i stuck to 100mph till the M1 then sat at about 80-90 up to jct10 and then a couple of miles to gina’s place and it didnt run dry!!! used to get worried at about 20mile on reserve but now i’m not so worried! must have a majic tank on!!

Matt, my CBF manages around 185/190 miles before the reserve light comes on!


Don’t worry… as a Ducati owner you would be better working on miles per breakdown.

I aint got a clue on my mpg, I’v dropped the front sprocket down a tooth & it’s now a bit revy. Ace to brighton day cost me £12 1 way But the grin factors pukka