Bit of a stupid question I suppose, I have all my music on iTunes saved as MP4. Last time I bought an MP3 player, Creative Zen, it died when I tried to sync with my music album. I sent it back and got a refund. Just wondering if I had another MP3 player like a Sony walkman phone if I could transfer MP4 onto it, or if I have to start over again.

You should have got an ipod as it works perfect with itunes.

I’ve got one, just looking at getting another but I notice if you try to play tunes on USB it only accepts MP3 so I guess MP4 are exclusively Apple.

sorry I thought MP4 was primarily a video format ? and my I-tunes has always stored music as MP3, its set that way in the preferences.

Maybe with earlier versions of iTunes you can record MP3 but with iTunes 8 all my music has been converted to MPEG4, that I don’t think other MP3 players will support. My stereo does not play them.

well I live and learn! just checked, and I can’t find the old options on how to store music recorded in I-tunes, guess I should check after updating :blush: its no biggy for me as all my music is stored as, mp3 in my music folder and just the links imported into I-tunes, but I can see how it would cause an issue with new stuff, I see you can still burn discs as mp3, don’t know if that would hepl as a “work around” ?