MP - tell loved ones not to ride motorbikes

Just saw this link re motorcylists as disgraceful ‘widow makers’ who should not be allowed in a civilised society. MCN news.

"The senior backbencher, who claimed £8,613 expenses from the taxpayer for car use in a year, "

He’s got a flippin’ cheek. Its MPs who are disgraceful

What an absolute c*ck! :doze:

I’m sure he has compelling evidence to prove his accusations that motorbikes are “Widowmakers”… :Whistling:

How about spending some more money and time on advertising, and making members of the public more “Bike Aware” ?!.. :satisfied:

The ase hle obviously lacks the balls and balance necessary to try and ride a motorbike. Sanctimonious t*at.

I wonder what the stats are for other vehicles. I wonder if the money grabbing leach is standing at the next election.:angry:

that comes from the poeple who ruind the great in britain
making us poor and making us 2nd class to the scum they let in this country,
no wonder theres no money in this country if were paying them to sit in there big houses and slag bikers off,
as for the socal 4 wheel drivers he goes on about,being so safe,
maybe he should put a bike part in the car test so they wouldnt kill so many off us

all goverment are bastards

Note he said ‘tell your male loved ones (husbands, brothers and sons) not to ride motorbikes,’ so I presume he still thinks it’s okay for ‘female loved ones’ to ride bikes then??

No he probably assumed that woman can’t ride bikes, and therefore require no warning. :wink:

sent him an email :slight_smile:

I’m not married and don’t have any kids so it doesn’t apply to me. :wink:

That makes two of us! :smiley:

Make that 3

one word.


I think he’s right:D

Its ok for us women to ride :smiley:

I just wanna get into politics and change things… u never know the opportunity might arise :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m married with 2 kids, but well insured so my wife loves it when i go out on the bike:P

Few years ago i said i was popping out for an hour of so, came back 5 hours later to find her sat at the table with the insurance policies out:w00t: said she was just checking them over just in case:D


Thats a bit harsh, i don’t even know you:P

Keep checking the brakes on that S1000RR PJ! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Truth hurts huh :stuck_out_tongue: