Mozilla Firefox

Anyone on here using the latest incarnation of Firefox? (I forget what version number this is. Came out about 10 days ago.)

Seems like it wasn’t broke 'til they fixed it.

Couple of bits defeat me. (I’m no technophile and I get bored with this stuff very quickly.)

  1. How do I get the top tool bar drop down menus back?
  2. how do I get it to remember my sign in name for MSN?

Firefox 4?

Click the orange Firefox dropdown bar at the top left of the screen. You get a menu, hover over Options on the right (don’t click) and a new menu pops out the side. You can then select Menu Bar and it’ll be back as before.

To have it remember passwords, it normally asks you if you want to save the password after you login to a site and you can select what it does. You can check by going to Options as described above, but click Options this time, then select Security and you will see the password options. There should be a check mark for Remember passwords to sites.

Hope this helps :wink:

Thanks LegendOfG

I just knew it would be straight forward but just can’t be arsed to muck around with this stuff.

If I want cryptic, I’ll do the Telegraph crossword.