Moving Ipod music to a second PC

Okies, laptop is poorly sick at the moment, and so i want to move Ipod files to the PC. Been recommended this programme to do it, as Itunes wont let you do this (barstewards).

Anyone used this, or can recommend a better (read easier to use) programme?

Cheers, a pints in this for anyone who successfully helps me to achieve potentially the impossible (for me anyway)!!

J xx

I use this

and you do no need to install anything


Thanks will have a look at that. :slight_smile:

you do realise that ipod files are only ‘hidden’ when you look in its file so if you go into folder options and click ‘show hidden files’ you will be fine and just be able to copy and paste them ?

Thanks, but not sure I understand :blink: You mean if I install iTunes to new pc and then connect iPod, i can then do what you suggest?

If its that easy, why are there so many programmes for uploading files from iPod to secondary PC?


Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to Element-50/50 for his help today, he pm’d me a step by step account of moving files from iPod to PC then to iTunes without downloading anything!

Well tonight its worked! Thanks hun, for a young lad, you are polite and courteous! You will go far!

Joolz :slight_smile:

He could have popped round and done it for you on Sunday when he picked up his ExCeL show tickets from me;):smiley:

NOW you fecking tell me! :pinch:

Your most welcome Joolz :slight_smile: