Movies before becoming a motorcyclist

If its like 10pm at night and you have no alcohol in your house and nothing else to do and you cannot choose what to watch on Netflix watch,Biker%20Cary%20Ford%20is%20framed%20by%20an%20old%20rival%20and,biker%20gang%20in%20the%20country.

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I remember watching this when it came out and thought oh that looked cool (for what is was). Watching it now I am like what utter nonsense are they doing, I mean if you can get past the extreme over acting and cringe scenes, I got to the point where I was in stitches at the level of utter shiiite.

I must admit watching auto movies after becoming a motorcyclist, you dismantle every bit, like really how did you get away with that Mr movie director.

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When he jumped the motorcycle off the train I thought he must have some really strong suspension.

The bike scenes in Mission Impossible 2 were a bit better. Like the rolling burnout. If you look closely you can see they swapped to offroad tyres for the beach scenes.

But then in MI 4, he gets his knees down in jeans (ouch) then he comes of at speed, in just trousers and a shirt, rolls in the dirt and just jumped up as if nothing happened. I mean at least look hurt, I will accept even a limp :joy:

Probably best not to mention they never put the right engine noise on the bike being ridden and how many gears does the bike in Terminator 2 have when being chased by the truck.

Probably best not to mention they never put the right engine noise on the bike

Right on the money! :joy:


I mentioned that this annoyed me to the misses the other day, and she didnt get it.

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Yep the noise dubbed onto bikes in movies is dire. Jap inline four screaming like a single two stroke dirt bike! Or the constant gear changes and revs.

The only movie that I can think of off the top of my head that got it right is Tron:Legacy.

the recent CHiPs film

did too

Havent seen it, is it worth the watch or just another bad remake trying to catch the nostalgia wave?

the original was before my time, and ive not actually seen it.
I enjoyed it but didnt go into it with expectations

Oh yes I forgot about CHIPS, that was decent, cannot remember all the detail of it. but at least when they took the heavy police cruiser off road through mud it got stuck and fell over as you would expect.