Movie: The girl with the dragon tattoo

can recommend this - edgy, raw and no hollywood sugar coating; the ‘Lisbeth Salander’ character’ (and she’s a biker) is outstanding

all the books in the trilogy are very good

I keep seeing the books about so may give them a go, esp before seeing the films, i hate doing it the other way round! :slight_smile:

Not seen the film but waded through all three books on this recommendation (after the first half was hooked) but they are badly written* and gruesome in parts.Can think of better ways to spend 18 hours of your life:D *may be due to being translated badly

Jetstream (20/06/2010)

so did you like it or not??

Panagiotis (21/06/2010)

Overall would say no, but did read them all.

Haven’t seen the film but read all the books. Thought they were great - genuine page turners. (not just pulp either - deals with some real issues).Shame there won’t be any more.