Movie format for helm cams... which is better

Well the Contour is hard as hell and will not smash… also the Arai has multiple pads that come off, the cheek pads are simple slip ons and I used a different cheek pad so I still have the original which means warranty is pretty much still there.

The padding that I cut out was simple sponge… yeah as in the $hit you wash your dishes with… no diea what integrity that would add to the helmet but anyhow. Only difference right now is that instead of the sponge between the helmet and my face I have a camera. Like I said if the impact is that hard to smash the camera I doubt I would have a neck or worry if got cut or lost an eye and more worried of never walking or pretty much being dead. My face is next to the camera so unless my head does a 1 inch punch with so much force in 2 milimeters and not 1 inch WTF. Camera lense is plastic not glass.

Do you really think that I would go about cutting or drilling the helmet?? Check youtube and see some silly people who drilled their helmet and not only that but they made How To video teaching other how to do it. At least my way doesn’t mess anything up. I am happy with it and if I don’t want to use it I jusy swap the pads. This also means that I can move the pad in any other Arai helm.

Having the contour on the outside in pouring rain could cause it to brake, having the contour on the outside I kept attracting attention from people asking me what it was at stops, I was worried someone may grab it and be off with it. In an accident if I am knocked out and there arent any people around… the person who caused it could take my camera and that would be that no way to trace them. At least inside there is a chance the ambulance crew will find it when they remove it. I could have an accident and fall and damage the camera (not that it cam be smashed very hard steel casing).

A couple of issues:

  1. The sponge is an integral part of the helmet it is there to cushion your head as you collide with whatever surface. As you have mentioned the camera is extremely hard and solid, so you have replaced that sponge with a rock in essence.

  2. The severity of the crash, even if small, as previously mentioned you are at close proximity with a ‘rock’ inside your helmet. You might have a slow impact but still bang your head hard against the camera possibly causing bruising, concusion etc.

  3. Plastic will still crack/snap, pointy plastic will hurt just as much as glass!

These are just my opinions (feel free to take or leave) and considering you have already made the changes to your helmet I doubt you will revert it back to how it was, but I do feel you are endangering yourself mounting the camera there.

Dude whatever you do, get your helmet back to normal and get that camera out of there…

It’s not one of the tiny cameras, it’s a great lump of metal and plastic… can you imagine that shattering on impact, you’d end up with plastic bits in your eye, let alone bits from the lens…There’s a reason they sell the mounts for the outside of the helmet! Motopup would take it greenlaneing where we go through mud, puddles and sh*t… it survived fine!

Smacking your head around really hard does not come anywhere near close to the force of the impact of you smacking your head on the tarmac after being high sided!!!

I don’t know why you can’t see how bad that is Andrei. It’s bloody dangerous. You may as well just ride with a bucket on your head

When you have a contour shape mark in the polystyrene come and tell me your warranty is still valid. The manufacturers are guaranteeing the product will last x number of years without being messed around with. So cutting a hole in your lid changes the conditions. If the padding wasn’t needed they wouldn’t spend thousands on R&D to establish which type of padding to use, etc. Its not just for comfort.

Put it this way if it was such a great idea the whole forum would be doing it instead of telling you how much of a crap idea it is.

Seems like I should put it back on the outside.