movie editing for numptys.

so got an action cam etc and wanna edit film etc, whats a good program for editng for numptys who have not done it before?

been looking at this:

cheers, John

The best and most easy to use is widely regarded to be Sony Vegas, although Windows Live Movie Maker which is free in windows does the job.

Hope it helps!

I’ve heard Power Director is pretty good, although I’ve been using Corel Video Studio -

But I’ve also found a free one which seemed reasonably good, but that’s on my other PC… I’ll check it’s name when I’m back on then…

FCP Express if you’re on Mac…
no idea for PC sorry


The free one I use is called VideoPad Video Editor

I use this too

I also use the cheapest version of Sony Vegas bought last year.

At times thelearning curve was a bit steep for dummies to remember what to do, but repeatinglywatching the in program how to guides solved that. After a while it becomeseasy to edit, add both sound and film. The special effects are basic, butprovide what you need to add text in different ways, or go from one scene toanother, or one sound to another.

You can get free programs like Audacity to edit or dospecial effects on wav or mp3 sounds which you can then add to the movie.

nb Windows Live Movie Maker is meant to be good, but fromwhat I read it was incompatible with the standard Contour files.

Proof is in the pudding, so here is my youtube site and what I was able to do. Music was either made by myself using Sony Acid to avoid copyright or taken from the YT selections on offer.