Movie Details - 28 Weeks Later

When all this Covid-19 broke out I rewatched some older films kind of on the subject of epidemics/pandemics such as Outbreak, 28 Days Later and it’s sequel 28 Weeks Later and a few other films.

What struck me about 28 Weeks later is how stupid everyone is in that film, and how many mistakes people make and suddenly look the whole world is collapsing again. At the time I originally watched it it did annoy me a little and how the entire film relied on people being utterly selfish and stupid.

Watching how people have behave in the last couple of months I rewatched it with a better appreciation that yes stupidity and selfishness will be the end of human civilisation.


When Idiocracy becomes a reality, it’s time to move to a Pacific island and live in a hut

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With broadband obviously…

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In the first week of lockdown I downloaded and read Daniel Defoe’s Journal of a Plague Year.

The parallels are astonishing: hoarding; some believing it was a hoax and meeting up in the local pub (spoiler: they died); others running away to Bedford (Durham was too far in those pre-Range Rover days).

The differences were surprising too. London was much more organised: day and night watchmen on every street to enforce lockdown; nurse visits at home; a system of marking infected households.

Give it a few more months and we’ll be in Children of Men territory, and come next spring the few remaining will be looking for the army of the Twelve Monkeys…

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I watched Contagion and thought it was a bit too close to reality. And that was shot in 2011.

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Don’t think that I’ve seen that one. Not quite sure how I missed that but I’ll at it to the list to watch.

yeah its really good. apparently the CDC were heavily advised