Moved out of London

Haven’t been very active on here for a while. Moved up to Oxfordshire, took my internet provider just over 3 months to get the line live! Useless fucks.

I do miss the big city a bit, except for the cogested roads and tubes obbiously. But my bike is now parked behind the wire on the base with armed guards. Come get it now thieving scum bags of East London!!!

There’s a good few bikers here in the air force, we’ll be sure to pop down the road to London on the odd occasion in the spring/summer.

Hopefully join up on a few rideouts too.

Ride safe, be loud and be proud!

Oh and even though I don’t live on the patch anymore, do I still qualify as a London biker?? I’ve still got the t-shirt :wink:

oh yes you do!

and you can definitively ask all your nice friends in uniform to join the forum and rideouts anytime! :smiley:

have you joined the bike club on the base, do they still run up the runway once a year to max the bike out or is it to busy these days ?

^^^ if they do, what are the chances of a few of your nearest and dearest friends joining in (read all of LB)? :Whistling:

I bet your Insurance premium isn’t quite so shockingly high now! Is there a drop down category in where you keep you 'bike overnight for ‘protected by several hundred of Britain’s finest’???

Where abouts in Ox are you based now? I’ve been doing a load of work in West Ox (Witney, Brize Norton, Barford, etc.) and there are some stunning roads in the area. You’ll have fun finding them!

Haha I’m pretty sure they’d be well up for it if I mentioned that an Italian chick in leathers would be present!

I am yet to join, I have been in contact with a few, nice to know they have all the tools and an area to do work on the bike. As for racing up and down the runway; I’ll try find out in work tomorrow, I work in the control tower, so I’m sure I could wangle something :wink:

Overall I’ve saved £800 on the premium. The most satisfying thing about it is not having to worry about it though. After you’ve had something stolen once, you worry all the time.

I’m at Brize, Witney seems a nice place. The Costwolds definitely has a few good roads on offer. I’ve been around in the car but not had the weather for the bike yet.

Come on lad! Get us on the strip when it warms out! I wanna max the beastie :smiley:

Surely you could max ya beastie at home with the missus :wink:

Never done it on the strip… :smiley:

Plane is coming in for a hard landing… Ooooeerrr missus! :laugh:

I’ve moved to Didcot from London as well last month. I wasn’t aware the lads at the base there may allow that. Can I join in???

Re insurance: yeah mine was 1/3 of what it was in London

soon you’ll get to remember what it feels like to be able to leave your bike with no disc lock for a few hours while you pop to the shops :slight_smile:

Make sure you line up with the missus landing strip :wink:

Watch out for bird strike! :laugh:

And if you need a hand with direction let us know :wink: