Move Over Rover !!

““And Let The Barro Take Over””

Yep…Fresh Outta the Cooler and straight in the Mix…

““So Far””

Two favourite locations for our intrepid expedition are…

The Barge Inn, Honeystreet Village, Wiltshire and

Woolacoombe Bay. North Devon.

Both these sites Cater for over night stays for Bikers, They have experience in the needs for Large Groups of Bikers and are fully aware of Security Aspects of having large amounts of expensive machinery on site.

The Barge Inn has an adjacent field for Camping and have had Biker Communitys and Bike Fests in the past and that means they are aware of problems that can arise and that means “not only from Outsiders but from within a Biking Comunity” !!! “Best behaviour” !! Its close to a group of villages with a Town Centre within a “Good Rolling Burn Out”…I mean gentle ride !! with pubs and places to eat so on and so forth.

Woolacoombe Bay is a Campsite close to the Sea and has all the Seaside Attractions that Devon has to offer, its a large site with the added aspect of being run by a Biker and have no problems with handling a large number of visitors or security awareness.

(I would imagine that both these sites could either be very strict as to what goes on or on the other hand they maybe very flexible as to what we can do in the way of BBQ,S and Partying, I can only ask! )

There is another Front Runner to the above two and I am awaiting details of availability and other little points.

The Target Month will be August and I only say this in connection with what I have heard other Members mention due to work commitments and alike and also it will be safe to say that we have the advantage of planning for this period as the weather is 80% in our favour.

My next steps are to spend some this Weekend on the PC and Phones talking to these people and getting a more detailed discription of what is offered and what is expected of guests.

Lots of Feedback Please !!

(AbbeyJ, Hyperlink and Flatster:= Thank you for the help, keep it coming)

Welcome back Barro


Bank holiday weekend or we going for a different one?

Traffic could be an issue (always worse in aug bank holiday and especially to Devon) even though we will obviously be on bikes and Woolacombe isn’t the shortest ride.

It was the first place I rode to for the weekend the I picked up my old CBR400, ohhh the memories, was a great ride.

Wiltshire is far enough for a decent ride but more time to spend chilling, chatting and drinking

Lets try and stay clear of the bank holiday weekend - bound to be busy and full of families and kids… i would be very upset if some two year old dribbled ice cream over my Bella

Barro this isn’t MI3 so you stand a good chance of succeeding and not looking like a prize pratt. lets just hope that the week end ya pick I am not being a Dad.

Hey Barro - welcome back! :slight_smile:

I though we where also going to look at Roundhill in the New Forest - hence my little ride down there last weekend to have a look at it for us…

I’m also up for going to see the other sites over the coming weekends… any reason to get away for a couple of days.


Yep…thats one of the sites I was waiting to get some “gen” on…so get typing…I await your email with proffesional detailed Info.

any noise regulations in the way of

times = music stopping ?..

open fires (pig roast)…

security ??..

general stuff like that …etc etc ?

Cheers !!

From post !!..

Perfect if we want a secluded spot where we can go wild and want to do everything ourselves. More complicated to organise but the benefits are plain to see. My problems with the site where small… toilets where too far away, I was frowned at a lot, roads would be fun if there wasn’t a stupid limit, and they where crowed with cyclists. No pub near, and shop was very limited. I will prob go there again… but with my wife not a bike club.

dude! he he - it’s all in my review… but here’s the text from my site - visit to see the photos - I’m happy to do this for all 3 venues and report back like this with a review and photos if that helps.

Roundhill is the only camp site in the New Forest that will accept Motorbikes - the coolest thing about the site is that the motorbike field is well away from the main family area so we wont disturb other people. Tunes are not a problem.
The site is quite far away though and we’d have to be dedicated to get there, there’s also NO PUB anywhere near so we’d have to take everything - they’d let us take on a van but we’d have to remove it after we’d unloaded it. Hog-roast would be fine with them as would bbqs etc - but no wood fires.
Great site - we’d be totally on our own - but may work out expensive as we’ll have to take all the beer, all the food, and pay about £10 each for a pitch - no group deals.
Site staff are very friendly and helpful - I think we’d have a great time at the site. There’s only 1 entrance to the bike field and there are staff on site 24 hours - security is okay - but after reception shuts there’s no staff walking around the site - the manager says they’ve had 2 caravans stolen from nearby sites… but no bikes.
There are a lot of really great roads around the site, I had a great time riding around the New Forest - until I got pulled for doing 90 on the 40 limit roads (they’re all 40!) but fortunately for me the roads are owned by the commission so the copper could only ‘advise’ me to go slower… we may erk the local population if we all turn up there - I got frowned at a lot.
There’s a good little shop near (1 mile) but it’s very small and would be no good to buy food from (they had a very limited supply of everything.
Perfect if we want a secluded spot where we can go wild and want to do everything ourselves. More complicated to organise but the benefits are plain to see. My problems with the site where small… toilets where too far away, I was frowned at a lot, roads would be fun if there wasn’t a stupid limit, and they where crowed with cyclists. No pub near, and shop was very limited. I will prob go there again… but with my wife not a bike club.

You,ll do that ??? …Top Man…do it…nothing better than to get the info straight from the horses mouth…

Crack On that Man there !!!

I’m really up for it actually - I really enjoyed last weekend.

Next trip will be next weekend… so decide which site you’d like me to go to… and I’ll be off!


Woolacombe bay is a lovely place. The North coast caters heavily for tourists, but isn’t such a grockle trap as the South coast. You will therefore see a huge convoy of caravans filtering along the M5 to the south. The N.Devon link road is a good road for filtering past the inevitable independent thinking caravaner unwilling to follow the rest of the heard as it is fairly wide. To get to North Devon in good time would involve the A303 Yawn The M5 briefly YAWN and the North Devon link road . It’s not the most exciting ride. I’ve done it in 2:20 on my babyblade (Out of seasson) but 3:30 is a more reasonable pace. It’s 201 Miles from where the M3 passes under the M25 to the Roundabout at Barnstaple so requires atleast a couple of petrol stops. The McDonalds service station just before the little thief is exactly half way. I am full of useless information about this route as I used to commute from North Devon to London (weekly mind). I still frequently travel to N.Devon (I’m going this weekend). Despite Woolacombe being great the ride down isn’t. The surrounding roads around woolacombe have some nice twisties but over the moor you get some single tracked lanes (The sort with grass growing down the middle) normally found in Mid devon. A Nice ride from Woolacombe is back to Barstaple then along the old Great torrington road on through past Hatherleigh on to Oakhampton to Princetown on Dartmoor. You need to remember to stop at this point else the ride will be ruined by the approach to Plymouth…

Well barro you know i will help with anything that is required, more so for the intriacte details hallucinogenic drugs, strippers and paddling pool for the naked female mud wrestling keep me posted

Will do Mate…:wink:

Barro, nice to have you back dude!!!

I Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…hope ya well

Don’t worry I got the hallucinogenics sorted already!!! If you can sort the strippers and paddling pool I’m sure the naked mud wrestling will take care of itself!!

woolacombe is a good destination, if you are feeling intrepid and want one of the nicest veiws then go from barnstaple to braunton and from there head towards saunton and croyde, once in croyde follow the signs to georgeham and from there to woolacombe, but be prepared to give way! the roads are SO small although the view from down end over the sea towards lundy is great as the sun drops into the ocean :slight_smile: there are numerous rideout possibilities in the area and of course the sport of kings, NO not golf! SURFING! woolacombe putsborough and saunton are ideal for beginners (personally I would give croyde a miss far too busy, and far more dangerous in a big sea and at low tide than the others, just ask the locals) I would love to get there with you as I have been a regular visitor for more years than I care to count, however I will be downunder all august (sigh) yes I know its winter there but WTH?