Mounting ideas please for bullet-cam thingy - on bike or Shoei Multitec

I was recently given this video camera as a present, photo below…

…trouble is the elastic/velcro mounts provided aren’t very good - they are more geared up for cyclists rather than motorcycles.

So - does anyone know of a good mount to attach it to my Bandit 1250SA, or to my Shoei Multitec? Flip-up lid means I can’t place it on the top, so the side seems the only option but would need it to be properly secure and would need to be able to adjust it sideways so it’s facing forwards rather than to the side (ie following the curvature of the helmet). Also I don’t want it looking through the bike’s windshield if I can avoid that, and I don’t want to use suckers, as I don’t trust them .

I did consider getting a refund on the camera and getting a ContourHD, but the picture quality of this one is surprisingly good for the price. Sample below (which freezes after about 5 mins, but that’s an issue with Youtube, not the camera). Resolution goes up to 720p (contrary to the specs on the website, this camera records up to 720p HD, and also accepts MicroSD cards up to 32Gb).

Also does anyone know how to reduce the wind noise? I assume some masking tape over the mic might resolve that, but if anyone else has a better idea I would welcome that. I am aware the issue is the microphone can’t handle high volume levels.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Best place to mount it would be your lid. The bike might send a lot of vibrations to the camera and you’ll have an ugly video.
For wind noise you can put a baby sock over it and that’ll help a lot.

Blu-tac and a condom?:slight_smile:

:hehe: not quite the hi-tech solution I had in mind.

Premises - thanks for your advice and yes, ideally the lid is where it will go so I would welcome any mounting suggestions - sensible ones, unlike Jetstream’s - you might be able to offer.

Will try the sock/wind noise solution once I have got the mounting problem solved.

I’ve watched it 10/15 times now … and it might be just me … but the wheel of the car parked up at 0:07 … is it just propped up against the car rather than fitted to it? :blink:

I think you will find a condom is more transparent than a “baby sock”.

If you filled the said condom with something of a suitable refractive index you would find achromatic distortion is cut to an acceptable degree.:angry:

May we please move away from the condom suggestion, Mr/Mrs J, as there’s no way I can get one over my helmet no matter how much lubrication I use, and believe me, I’ve tried many a time.

Looked at clamps and suckers and there seems to be nothing out there that rocks my boat, hence my creating this thread :blink:

You’re right there is definitely something wrong with that wheel- very suspicious :unsure:

Ive also got one of them cameras and i use black tack to secure it to my lid , super strong and reusable . will probably have to do a few trial runs as to positioning the camera but this stuff is excellent .