Mountain Bike Wanted (ladies)

Looking to get a mountain bike but cant afford/justify getting a new one…thought I would post on here to see if anyone had one tucked away that they never use.
I have been advised to get:
21 gears
full suspension (although this is probably why I cant afford one!)
a frame size of about 16 inches (I’m 5’6")
Thanks (please PM me if you have anything as I tend to forget to check my posts! :slight_smile: )

Hey hun, have a chat with Mark. I reckon he knows more than most of us about this.:smiley:

I doubt you’ll need full sus though. You can get some really good deals in the sales atm with hard tails and I’ll wager the cost issue is borrocks.:wink: but knowing you’re a tight Scotch git, then it prolly is a massive issue.:smiley:

Happy new year hun.:slight_smile:

Good idea
I will give him a call tomorrow
Happy new year to you all too. :smiley:
Hope to see you soon
ps Mind I’m a student again now so only working 1.5 days a week. I also stupidly bought that trackbike 2 weeks before starting Uni and should really have put that money towards the fees I havent started to pay yet!! Doh :Whistling:

bit corny i know but try :stuck_out_tongue: no pun intended btw

I’m sure Fred has a couple of spares:P

Yeah I borrowed one of them when we all went out for a ride last year but the frame was a bit big and I hurt myself when I fell/stepped off at the top of a wee downhill section…
Definitely need a smaller frame and for the top bar to be less horizontal! lol

Why not try Halfrauds. They’re clearing out their old stock of GT bikes at really good prices, and these are really good bikes.:slight_smile:

second vote for HR, great frames!