Mountain bike frame, wanted.

Anyone out there got summat laying about they want rid of?

I snapped my frame so all the other bits are sweet so dont wanna pay out for a whole new bike ( not that i can afford it, lol) so just wondering if any1 got a frame laying about they want rid of, dont mind paying for right frame etc. just gonna put my bits on frame.

Cheers, John

i got an old saracen frame at my parents house in west london, really nice and light

Many thanks for the offer goose. got sorted now.

Cheers, John

hey if u need any help with a mountain bike at all again, i runa small business of mine, it is repairing and customising mountain bikes, i also race them in downhill and 4x,

Cheers for the offer m8.

I bit the bullet and bought 1, cheapish 1 and put some of my bits on from the broke bike.

Wish you come along earlier. where do you do the racing etc m8? love to watch it on the tv, unfortunatle i a bit too unfit to give it a go.

I am an old bmx’er from the 80’s so love cycling etc, use to do the skateparks etc.

a couple races go on in hayse, braknell, been wales and soon to be france…