Motrax Mini Brake Bleeder

Are they worth a Tenner?

Need something for 1 man operation and this one way valve system seems the answer.



I use a piece of pipe and squeeze the brake lever whilst opening the bleed nipple, then just as the lever gets to the end of its travel, nip the nipple up again. A one way valve would only be useful if the pipe sealed onto the nipple properly and the mostly don’t.

They make life pretty easy when it comes to bleeding, and they connect to the nipple with a small clamp, so you get a good fit. I have had no issues with them.

You can get a bleeding tube with a one way valve in the end in your local motor factors for about £4.

Or just do it the old fashioned way - open nipple, pump lever s-l-o-w-l-y.Close nipple.

Repeat until you get good pressure.

I used to use a gunson speed bleeder at work - you connect it to your tyre valve and it batters the fluid through the system in very short order, but you need to have a fluid reservoir that it can fit onto.

A bit of tube and a jam jar works for me;)