Motorway overtaking gesticulation

I’ve recently decided to take up riding on motorways again, and there’s a bit of it that’s always baffled me. As I pass riders coming the opposite direction on a proper road we nod or wave to each other, but what’s the done thing when overtaking someone, or being overtaking by someone on a motorway or dual carriageway?

Show them how to polish a cue :smiley:

This scenario would require the “advanced nod” technique. With a closing speed of 140mph it’s a difficult one to achieve and get a return nod. Timing is critical, too early and they won’t see you, too late and they’ll have already passed by the time the move is executed. It’s much easier in Europe because you can just wave your clutch hand. The Euro greeting is also much easier when passing big groups.

Ah, I didn’t mean people coming at me on the motorway, but when I’m being good and cruising up the left hand lane at 70 and some hooligan comes past at 75 is there some sort of acknowledgement he’s probably expecting? And likewise doing a slightly faster 70mph. I should have said overtaking rather than passing, I think.

A friendly boot out to to tell them they are clear to overtake you should be reciprocated as they pass you.

I raise a hand as I overtake. I won’t see any return wave though

The boot is what I do, and when I am said hooligan (not very often) I do the return favour boot to say thanks very much

Back in the 80s motor ycvlist on motorways would flash headlights.

Booties out

I stand up and shake my booty…

Jokes aside, I stick a leg out slightly (Boot out)

Left hand, both boots and a nod- or combination of all or some of these- I find motorway avoidance much more acceptable though.

I show the boot

Oh yes I stick a boot out. Best one I had was when I saw a Blackbird approaching at warp speed on the M1 on my old CB500. So I moved over and stuck a boot out. He did the same as he came past. I think I’d only had the bike a few weeks so I thought I was really cool.

Boot or a wave if I’m over taking. And Joby, you are really cool.

Leg nod :slight_smile:

I think this all stems back to the old AA patrolman’s salute, no salute meant there was likely to be trouble at mill.

I flashed the headlamp and gave the old thumbs down to a power ranger on a mission, 7:15 am eastbound on the A12 heading towards a low lying rising sun. this morning. Pretty sure he missed the signals and the Police Officer crouching behind a fairly well secreted mo’cycle waving what looked like a hair dryer at oncoming traffic :frowning: