motorcyclist to be sentenced

I can’t see it - is it a intranet or internet site?


What will he get? Ban? Points?

Which is more stupid…? Doing that or getting caught?

It’s on tinternet here’s the text dude.

"Issued: Friday, 20 April 2007, 12:57:27

Motorcyclist in court for sentencing following incident on A4074

Jason Jesty, aged 35, of Burwell Drive, Witney will be sentenced at Oxford Crown Court on Monday 23 April.

He has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice and dangerous driving.

This relates to an incident on the A4074 at Nuneham Courtenay on 5 June 2006. Jesty was photographed by a GATSO speed camera pulling a wheelie on a motorbike at 61mph in a 30mph speed limit.

He had also removed the number plate from his bike.


taken from the Thames Valley Police website.

even removed his plate & still got caught!.

How did they find him???

That’s what I was wondering. So much for ANPR.

It’s probably not very hard, it’s like trying to find something via Google.

First you’ll probably check local CCTV cameras at the time of the Gatso photo was taken, see if you can find them riding around or parked up. They might have their plate on at that time. If that doesn’t work you can make a fair assumption that they’re local if he’s riding without a plate, so you find someone who knows about bikes, can identify the colour, model and perhaps the year, deduce if the rider is male or female, then run those through the Police computer and see how many owners you find, then go knock on a few doors and make up some excuse, see their gear, if it matches, NICK EM! Then prove it later. Seems like a lot of work though for a wheelie.

Or… there was probably a patrol car round the corner and they nicked him

A lot of work?

But Wheelie Gatso & no plate is taking the piss. If someone took this piss out of your work to that extent, do you not think you would find the time?

arnt pic shown to traffic cops or something and if they see you they nab you…

Isen’t it the case if you pratt around in front of a speed camera, like doing 100+ through a Truvelo, the police keep your image on file so they can collar you at a later date. I pitty the fool if he did it locally to where he lives.

I saw a bloe wheelie past a gatso in Chigwell recently. Not sure whether he had a plate on as I was heading in the opposite direction. Seems a lot of work for the cops to catch yer man for a bit of tomfoolery

erm… have a closer look at who posted this… I think he might have had something to do with the collar feeling…

There’ll be more to it than we’re aware of, no doubt. What he did was like flying a red cloth in front of a bull though, so they might have been more motivated to investigate it!

Wouldn’t surprise me if the silly sod got stopped and nicked for some other daft bit of showing off and then lo and behold, the GASTO picture came up and showed what else he’d be up to.

Unlikely the general public will find out full details unless of course someone’s been in court listening to the case, but it does sound like the silly sod was really taking the mickey and it’s likely the GATSO thing was not all he did. Well that’s my guess anyhow.

unlucky for getting caught!! but he is asking for it!!

a lot of work but TV police might be making an example of this incident to prove that they can catch you! so that others wont be inclined to go out and do it!



Have you seen the evidence then Drei??? I love the way people jump to conclusions- 61 mph in a 30 is not tomfoolery, it’s dangerous and downright stupid, imagine what could have happened… It won’t have taken more than a few hours work to track down the fella I’d imagine with the tools available to the police.

Then there’s the argument that the officers could have been out catching thieves, rapists and murderers rather than sticking on motorists. That’s the argument that really winds me up - the officers investigating this offence don’t investigate those offences, they investigate traffic offences so they are not being taken away from these duties…

Sorry, rant over.

Such is life. If you’re sitting in front of your computer giving it large about “silly boy” then next time out on the bike, count how many times you “stretch” if not snap the law. Sad day for the lad but when you play on your bike you know there is a chance that the trotters will catch you.

Even when I was in court and knowing they were going to keep my licence I smiled at the person reading out the report of the night. Funny how they were able to have their say on the night but I was not. Did not mind as 6 months loss of licence and XXX fine is better than any time picking up soap with some animal in jail.