Motorcyclist killed in Abridge crash. Police looking for 2 cars



Hope they do the decent thing and come forward!!


The reality is even if they do they will get a slap on the wrist or a crappy sentence.
Was reading about a hit and run the other day guy got caught and got 12 months for it. What an insult…


Model names like “Citroen C4 Cactus and either a Honda Jazz or a Kia Picanto” makes me glad I’m not driving a car.


I was there, arrived on scene just after it happened, it’s wasn’t pretty. Didn’t notice the car that fled, was too focused on the casualty and unfortunately camera battery was dead too. In all honesty, it’s shook me up a bit.

But, please all of you get yourself on a BikerDown course of similar, it doesn’t really prepare you enough, but it’s something, gives you an idea so you’re not a total lemming panicking, hoping someone else will step in. Fair play to the emergency services, paramedics, ambulance and chopper were all on scene very quickly. I can’t believe how many people in cars just sat there gorking at scene, too busy and concerned with getting to their destination. It really was a nightmare scenario, but sadly as bikers we are more likely to encounter this stuff, whether it’s on a ride out, or simply from filtering to the front and finding an incident. Seriously, do it now!