Holes seem to be getting bigger in the UK.

Think we can fill all the holes in the UK with all your spam :smiley:

I wouldn’t say its spam, good info on there. Wonder if I can claim new tyres?

it’s spam if you take into account the other posts and links to the website.

it’s also good for upping the companies SEO rating.

We never spam, we have no need to. We simply provide you with the industry information you should be aware of. We have dealt with many London bikers who contacted us to represent them one of which recommended this website. Reputation and recommendation speaks volumes my friend.

You can deal with this yourself.

who is recommending you? someone from the london bikers community?

So the information we have provided you is of no use at all?

Come on, we are not spamming nor do we need to up our SEO. Proof of the pudding my friend…Google us!!!

You sound like a bitter man who thinks he understands my business. (are you the guy down the pub that knows it all?)


Was it shiver :smiley:

The most prolific crasher on LB? :smiley: Must be worth a PM from the new LB Legal Friend :hehe:

Bet he got it on speed dial1
‘high guys its me again’ :smiley:

I didn’t google your company as that would clearly result in your company being at the top of the list. I googled the type of thing someone who had not heard of your company might google…

I don’t see you on the front page, have I missed you?

I suppose firing insults my way is making you feel good is it?

That’s a tad harsh…Shiver - give him a chinese burn next time you see him.

I’ve read all your threads so far and can only say what an appaling way to attempt to sell your services to bikers. Unfortunately you are in a business that is generally fround upon for various reasons, referal fees, general harassment and a blight to those who have genuine claims. I would point out that I work in insurance and understand how most people dislike us as an industry and feel hard done by, so I can sympathise in that respect and commend you for your iniative…


…your attempt at selling or at least drawing our attention to your services has been a poor one and has been noted in the responses you have been receiving from the community. As previously suggested you would have been far more successful in actively intergrating into our community, perhaps even send a representative to a meet so that those who might require your services could have an informal chat?

I’m sure moderators have already been alerted to your ‘posts’ and would suggest that if you wish to work with us and join the community you take on board the constructive suggestions of members and myself.

I did wonder why you wear a trooper head on the body of the boy wonder … your crazy! :smiley: :crazy:

If we ever need someone in you’re industry we will contact other LBerz and get personal recommendations, what you’re doing now is annoying us with you’re posts, your just going to end up at the top of our AVOID LIST…
If we ever need you’re help we will contact you. But judging by the amount of time you are spending on posts tells me you don’t have much business right now…

Crazy = Good kinda crazy I hope!

Well someone has to attempt to be grown up round here, only if for a little while…normal service shall now resume :wink:

Bring it in, OP. Good effort. :wink:

I know that feel bro.

Go a run your website. We’ve no need for your services here.