Motorcycles in Bus lanes: A full list

Check your route and see if your Bus Lanes are under control of TFL.

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My problem is that I take different routes home depending on how I feel and I don’t actually know what the roads are called (though of course I could look that up)

Is there any way to find out which roads in London aren’t included? I thought that pretty much all the bus lanes in Central London, and indeed most of the ones further out (but still in a London postcode) would all be tfl run

I believe that all Red Routes are TfL controlled, so any bus lane on a Red Route is part of this trial.

TFL on their website claim to only be resonsible for 40% of bus lanes, but all theones I use seem to tbe TFL or Kingston so will be bike friendly.

they are silly for making it not all of them. thats just going to confused people.

you need to tell the whole country and do an advertising campaign or people are going to get hurt.

on top of that people are going to be getting fines for getting in the wrong bus lanes.

Looks like it’s time to buy a SatNav just so I can mark all the routes I can use.

Lets just hope more of the local councils get involved in this and then the entire bus lane network can be added.

I don’t really know the names of any of the roads around here (although I will start trying to learn them) but does anyone know if we can use the bus lanes in Kingston or are they not going to be included?

I seem to remember reading that Kingston are joining in with the trial from day one, I’ll have a dig around and see if I can find the link


Does anyone know if the bus lanes signs will be changed to show this by the side of the road?

Or is it worth only going in buslanes with red lines in em?

At least it seems this is definately happening…

i dont think the ones in kingston are.

the signs still say no bikes

1st page of the doc…‘from 5th Jan’ :wink:

only one bus lane in Ealing ??? :angry:

If that isn’t proof of the stupidity of civil servants thinking I don’t know what is… That is the most unnecessarily complicated file of info ever…

Surely in this day and age a ruddy interactive map would be far more user-friendly and not really that much harder to put together…And another thing… does anyone know if the TfL and Non-TfL are signposted differently… cos if there’s no obvious difference visible at the beginning of the bus-lane, then ALL lanes are open. Legally if you are making a distinction, like with parking bays, it has to be clearly sigposted, so if this policy does take place on 5 Jan, then the authorities are responsible for clearly identifying the difference… and frankly they couldn’t find their bums with a torch, a map and two hands, let alone put up clear “easy to follow” sign posting… so this could get very messy indeed

Probably look like this one in Plymouth I’ve just spoken to a few friends in the industry and they (Police, IAM and Rospa) are drafting some guidelines that should hopefully stop us 'taking out ’ a few cyclists or getting shunted ourselves during the initial trial period. Soon as I have more info I’ll pass it on.If anyone has specific points they would like me to raise regarding safe use of the bus lanes then let me know and I’ll have a word.

Unless you can’t tell the difference between the colours red and yellow, then there should be no confusion here. The clue is in the name - red routes have red lines painted next to them. Contraflow lanes like the one at Elephant & Castle are also excluded.

I believe there will be signs provided.

Everything is explained in the Q&A document you can download from here…

First up, the people doing this are not civil servants. Secondly, the document is obviously one that has been drafted for the Order that must be laid before lifting the restrictions against PTW. Third, bus lane signs are standard throughout the country - the Highway Code will enlighten you on this point. And fourth, TfL has said that they will put appropriate signs in place before 5 January.Typical non-civil servant stupdity. :Whistling:( :smiley: only kidding!)

Kingston has allowed bikes in their bus lanes since about 2005 so they are not part of the trial.

As for the confusing list - I agree, it is confusing, but as has been suggested, the list is probably for other purposes, such as notifying each council of the change. There probably is some logic to the ordering, I justr have no idea what it is!

The signs will show a motrorcycle if motorcycles are allowed in, just as happens now on the bus lanes bikes can use (like the ones in Kingston). However, if you want to know which roads are red routes, there is a detaield map of them on the TFL website somewhere.

This page has a list of maps showing the TFL red routes.