Motorcycles in bicycle lanes

I had a load of abuse hurled at me today by a cyclist, because I was filtering in a cycle lane. I was under the impression that motorcycles are allowed in bicycle lanes with broken lines, but not in the ones with a solid line. Can someone please clear this up for me? I searched Direct Gov website but couldn’t find anything but found a few articles on the web that said we are allowed… bit confused now…:unsure:

I thought the same, from the highway code:

140Cycle lanes. These are shown by road markings and signs. You MUST NOT drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line during its times of operation. Do not drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a broken white line unless it is unavoidable. You MUST NOT park in any cycle lane whilst waiting restrictions apply.

Riding in along the route one of Boris’ blue bike lane things (which I don’t think have any white lines down them at all) every morning, there’s usually a bus driving with 2 wheels in the bike lane anyway because there’s not enough room for them in the remaining bus lane.

I usually ride just on the edge of the blue line if there are no cyclists in the bike lane so I can see suicidal pedestrians before they leap into my path from between queueing cars on the right

we are allowed to use the blue cycle lanes but not really supposed to go into the cycle box

Cycle lanes are for cycles. You hooligan. Stop giving bikers a bad name. Its dangerous filtering down the inside of somone anyway most cycle lanes run down the inside. People don’t expect you to be coming down the inside. Outside all the way. Overtake not Undertake

Hey. Correct. Your allowed in them in this case, but not to cruise in them. Its like the broken hashed areas in the centre of the road. Your not supposed to use them for overtaking the flow of traffic… Or undertaking in your case?

And ignore the cyclists, you have a bigger rear tyre than them! You’re supposed to bully them! :smiley:

until the cyclists start paying theyre way and obeying road traffic laws like the rest of us have to they can frigging well sit behind us

If you was to go into a cycle lane on a motorcycle and there was a collision then YOU would be at fault.

There’s a patch along Evelyn Street (A200) towards London Bridge which always gets a build up of traffic, I’m not sure what’s worse bikers filtering down the bicycle lane or those who go the opposite side of keep left signs over a blind hill lol.

Get caught going around the RHS of a keep left and plod will not be happy. Go through a hatched cycle lane for a bit, and at worst you’ll have some irate lycra-clad [email protected] saying something irrelevant to you as you leave them for dust when the lights change…

(disclaimer: I cycle a lot) :wink:

Simply put -

Blue strip - worthless, ignore it unless you want to be polite to cyclists.

Dotted line - use it - not an offence - but use it with care - if anything goes wrong the fact that you were on the wrong side of the broken line will be used against you.

Solid Line - specific offence so stay out. Otherwise you are inviting plod to pull you.

BTW, I once had a cyclist abuse me for being in the blue lane - clearly he needed an eye test - there was no blue lane on that road!

As I posted a few months ago when they were changed, much of the route from the Tower to Parly Sq has changed from broken line cycle lanes to solid line ones.

It is only a matter of time before either City or Met do an “exercise”. So again, you have been warned!

Ok understood and I put my hand up, should’ve not been in the cycle lane :blush: In my defence though, here the scenario:

Corner of Southwark Street and Southwark Bridge Road (needed to turn left) - two lanes, left lane for turning left and going straight, right lane going straight only. Right hand lane is full up with cars, waiting at the traffic lights. One car on the left lane, with indicator on to get in the right lane, blocking off the space between both lanes (there was a lorry parked ahead of the junction, blocking his way). I under took stationary car (shock, horror!) and ended up half way in the cycle lane whilst waiting for pedestrians to cross. Cyclist comes up behind, rings his pathetic little bell and calls me wanker amongst other expletives :ermm:



Sounds like you prevented the cyclist from running into the pedestrians, he should have thanked you for your consideration :slight_smile:

I’m no hooligan moto-king, me ride like a granny :rolleyes::smiley:

should’ve done the world a favour and slapped him :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont be a dick - Im both & I ride 17 miles to work on my push bike & if a cyclist is swerving all over the cycle lane, its not usually for the fun of it but to dodge big pot holes and sunken drains, last thing they need is some twat like you being a prick.

If bikers could see things from a cyclists point of view I think we’d all be a bit more patient & courteous towards cyclists.

Maybe I’m biased but I hardly ever see a motorcyclist being aggressive to a cyclist…okay there was one vid posted up here recently that where the biker shouted at a cyclist for cutting him up…fair do’s…but I have never seen a biker physically attack a cycle for unintentionally blocking his path. Yet I have twice experienced aggressive cyclists doing just this and attempting to push or damage my bike just to get in front when parked at traffic lights. I am not suggesting violence is the answer but I reckon if we were all to return the aggression in kind plus some every time something like this happens cyclists will start thinking twice before starting an argument with bikers. I think we’re too soft on them…it’ll be for their own good in the long run you know…:wink:

Mark (06/07/2011)

Absolutely Mark and I try to do that every time I get on the bike (not only with cyclists, but cars and pedestrians). I give them plenty of room, anticipate swerving due to potholes, overtaking each other without a life saver etc. but the amount of abuse I have been subjected to in the past from cyclist is ridiculous.

Sometimes they are clearly in the wrong but they still have the audacity to shout there heads off. I do realise that it must be stressful for them in London and that tempers are running high, but I have never once seen a cyclist put their hand up and apologise if they have been in the wrong - whereas bikers, cars and pedestrians do.

Cyclists think there lycra makes them imortal and imune from the highway code. We’ve all seen them approach a red light and either a) go straight throw it or b) go up the pavement and ride across the pedestrial crossing then drop back down on the road on the other side!!! When they pay road tax and pay attention to the road traffic laws, then I might give them a second thought, until then they are nothing but a menace and an iritation.

Good to learn that riding in a Boris blue lane isn’t illegal, done it a few times and wondered if I was commiting a henace crime :w00t:. I was always under the impression that a solid white line is not to be crossed if it’s on your side of the road.

Quite agree, I both cycle and ride in to work (not at the same time) - seen stupid things from various vehicles (mostly busses, always fu©king busses), but ‘let he/she without sin cast the first stone’, cos everyone obeys the road traffice laws right? Exact size number plates, no race cans, never going over 20 in a 20mph zone - blah, blah, blah.