Motorcycles banned from some cities

I had no idea! Victims of their own success?

IIRC Quebec banned them from the city centre too


Dr. Luong Hoai Nam "There are currently around 150 Chinese cities where motorbikes are prohibited"

It’s because the transport shift is the other way round. Here, we want people to shift from cars to motorcycles. Out in the Far East, the increasingly affluent people are shifting from bicycles to motorcycles, which is actually increasing air pollution.

Hanoi has a bit of a problem with motorbikes… the amount of them is ridiculous, I was shocked when I visited. I’d say they are doing this mainly to save in hospital bills due to pollution and crashes.
Don’t know if banning is the key since this is the transport mode that humble people needs to go to work. It’s not like they have a good public transport system in place.

China has banned them too in some cities - Shenzhen for example, because of ride-by thefts of bags.

Lagos banned 125s from main roads & central city areas. They were used as motorbike taxis, as commuters and also by some thieves.