Motorcycle yoga

After going for my first ride yesterday … I’ve woke up with a bit of a sore knee and went looking for what sort of stretches I should be doing to strengthen the muscle/joint when I came across this

Not sure whether I’m going to go through with the hassle but thought someone else might benefit … or just fancy a laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you try the bike (or others) before you bought it?

I’m just having visions of chunks on a cbr125 complaining the seat’s sharp! :w00t:

and yes, I am now seeking therapy for that comment…

I did my CBT on the same model and my leg hurt the day after that too.

I think it’s just a case of my leg isn’t normally in the same bent position for more than the duration of a trip to the lav :hehe:. Sure once I’ve done it a few times it won’t be too bad.

Quality website though now I’ve read the whole thing through:

“This doesn’t hurt as much as you might think the first time you do this exercise. Once you are down relaxing on your arms, chest or pillow take a deep breath, let it out, close your eyes, divorce the thoughts, problems and stress of the day and ENJOY the peace of mind you have knowing you are not only relaxing, lowering your blood pressure but getting your butt in shape for BIKING.”


there are a couple of good exercises in there and a couple that i’d be a bit wary of personally. like with most things in life its technique that is key ;)you’ll defo be using muscles in a different way on the bike to the way you’d use most of them in daily life, and daily life has a habit of screwing up the body’s natural posture, flexibility and strength anyway (the human body isn’t really designed to sit down most of the time). its always worth considering doing some physical activity to help your riding.

also something to bear in mind is that its only really beneficial to stretch the muscles that are actually tight. if you stretch all of them, you can end up maintaining the same muscular imbalance. I’m actually training a couple of people at the moment specifically to help with riding issues at the moment as it happensby sore knee do you mean its an ache or is there more sharp pain?

Just out of interest - which ones would you stay away from? See what you are saying about only doing the stretches that are needed rather than all of them - good advice :slight_smile: As far as the sore knee goes … it’s only my right leg … presumably because my left leg was going from peg to ground over and over … where my right leg stayed on the peg the whole time. It’s a dull ache in the muscle above/inside my kneecap. I’m currently lay on my back on the sofa, using the laptop - like this : and it doesn’t hurt at all. When I straighten my leg gently it doesn’t hurt … but when I tense the muscle it aches. Similarly my right buttock :Whistling: it’s fine unless I tense it. I hope nobody reads this and thinks I’m a whiny little bitch :smiley: just making the point that it hurts somewhere that it doesn’t normally … and with any luck the “yoga” in the link will help … so I thought I would share. Now … where did I put those incense sticks :laugh:

You could well be right there;):stuck_out_tongue:

Mr-C (21/12/2008)

the knee openers one i’d be very careful about doing on your own. there are better ways to individually stretch the calves, quads and hamstrings to get better range of movement in the knee. also take care with the shoulder openers as without good technique and posture you can be stressing your neck, your rotator cuffs, lower spine etc.please bear in mind that without doing a proper body assessment this is just speaking generally from what you’ve wrote, but its likely that you have a relatively weak core and butt, and improved posture through exercise would benefit you. your right side is continuing to stabilise you and the bike when you come to a stop and set the left leg down, so is basically working harder for longer than your right. are you right handed?you should really only experience the ache in the muscles around the knee, not the knee itself. again this ‘may’ be because the muscles that support your knee and stabilise it are not working as well as they should, and you’re feeling some increased stress in the joint as a result.Assuming there isn’t any actual injury in the joint, then all these issues are easy enough to correct with a bit of targetted stretching and bodyweight exercise, all of which you can do at home