Motorcycle Tshirts

Been trying to find some cool motorcycle tshirts for a couple of days.
Cant say that i found much that i liked, so ended up deigning my own :cool:

let me know what you think

if you like it you can buy/edit it here :smiley:



I’ve got a friend who’s starting up a mini-business designing and selling T-shirts, I managed to convince her to do some biker ones.
I might post them up here, see if anyone wants to buy 'em!

did another one :wink:

since I got some good comments on the first one (design :cool: ) and how the tshirt looked



wicked Tee, i liek that one!

Whats the chances of getting a t-shirt done with a picture supplied by the rider, eg a picture of yourself at say 45 degrees or on the back wheel in a similar style as the one’s you have shown?

you can…click the link!

you can upload any pic you want (like i did) and put it on any type of clothing you want :wink:

did another one :wink:

again go here to edit and order



You going to wear one in the Mayday


are you doing the MayDay run?

ah… nope… doing a nappyrun*! :hehe:

*got a 2week baby

This is a cracker. I’m gonna get one. Cheers Pan! :slight_smile:

but i can take some pics:


I went on the link but can’t find out how to buy them…??

click on customise and then select add to basket

Nice tee shirts, but who’s the gay model? :P:D

model?? i wish :stuck_out_tongue:

aye aye shiver me timbers ahoy there pirate!!! :w00t:

A goodexample of crapy tshirts and why i designed mine :smiley: