Motorcycle transport - who?

need to book a van to transport Virago 535 from Milton Keynes to SW London. can you recommend anyone (that is not charging £200) :)? thanks

look in your local paper or local gumtree. I used a man-in-a-van to move a bike from leeds to hertfordshire and it was only £160.

got onto anyvan website , best quote £65 :slight_smile: bargain

Kendall Cars, £35 plus fuel excess on top.

self drive ? dont think so…

Couple of things to think about. I wouldn’t trust some man in a van driver to know the first thing about properly and safely strapping down a motorcycle, so do some home work and strap it down yourself. You might like to use some specialist tie downs that strap over the handle bars (oxford do them cheaply) and at least one other ratchet strap across the seat, have this stuff yourself as the van is not guaranteed to have any of it. just as importantly, there is no guarantee that the van has rings or bars to tie down to so check that too.

put the bike on the side stand and strap it down so that it DOESNT MOVE AT ALL, particularly try and eliminate suspension travel. if your bike can still bounce up and down on its shocks then it can bounce its way around the van and could tear out the mounts you strapped it to, then fall over and damage your bike and the van, so do it properly. and try and make sure it is nearly out of fuel.

thanks KTM D. got guys who move stuff around incl bikes and are insured for that - so that helps :slight_smile:

ah, then you are on to a winner, let us know if they do a good job and share their details.