Motorcycle Training London - Complete Novice to Full License

A BIG thank you to Terry and Lewis at MTL!

Just passed my Mod 2 with Terry, f**king chuffed!

I had never ridden a bike before I came to MTL, couldn’t have even told you how to switch one on. After taking my CBT with the biker chick there I came back to book a DAS. Terry gave me an assessment where he highlighted my main areas for improvement being slow control and forward planning. His recommendation was to rent one of their CG 125’s for a week rather than book £00’s more training in 1-2-1 instruction, and work on it in my own time - which I did. I came back, passed my Mod 1 after 1 day training, next day test, which I failed first time round on account of clipping a cone with my boot on the swerve. Passed the second time around with 0 faults. Passed my Mod 2 this morning again with 1 day training followed by test, got 3 minors for “progression”, ie not going fast enough - challenge accepted!

Terry and his bunch are just down to earth, throughout my training there was no flapping, no stressing out, and no breathing down my neck. Just correction as and when I needed it, “livesaver Mike”, “Get up to speed quicker Mike”, etc. Even when I started making stupid mistakes all I got was “you’re getting tired, lets go grab a coffee at Chiswick Honda and refresh”. FYI they had the SP there… :w00t:

Really can’t rate them enough, a first rate outfit.

Congrats on the full license. It is a great feeling. Nice to know that the trainers are good and get you through the course safely and at a good pace; ie, your pace!