Motorcycle Test Training

hello people, can anybody recommend any training schools in London (im based in East London).

Anybody going to help this person?

Got to be someone in East London/S W Essex with some knowledge if only to tell him/her who to avoid.

Probably too far south but my missus used in Crystal Palace for her CBT and really liked them.

I used Eastside Riders and they were great!

i used stadium rider training in Chingford/Walthamstow, theyve recently moved to Ikea down the road now though

This mite be a little out of your way there in basildon, but there are really good :smiley:

as above, i’d definitely recommend Eastside riders as well. I did a couple of days training with them a number of years ago, after another place completely screwed me over. They were very professional, very helpful. ( I’m also in E.London)

me lol i have spaces from 8th august july is fully booked i onlt teach 2 people at a time and dont charge for retesting

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Another Eastside Riders fan here, trained with them for the last yr until I passed and their absolutely brilliant! :cool: :smiley: