motorcycle tax petition

just got this emailed from a mate.

its worth a try i guess




Yippee, another ill thought out, trivial petition that every one blindly signs and then they ignore the more important issues in the world. Triffic.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t road tax based on emissions? So making modern cars (not counting VW) at a reasonable tax bracket compared to bikes?

 It’s not called road tax it’s called vehicle tax

These pertitions are a total farce 

Even if it did get to parliament the government has a plan so they go no further 

They talk an extra load of Shiyte so the bill runs out if time 

You need to understand we are cannon fodder for the government to use as and when it pleases 

@me_groovy - yes its based on emissions; although I thought there’s a plan to change it back to a flatter rate (there was something in a previous budget about it, I believe) 

None of the arguments in that petition make any sense - the road is worn by a motorcycle (hell the road is worn by the weather mainly,) many motorcycles aren’t ridden that much (shrugs.)  A top rate of £80 isn’t that bad either; so, not sure what the problem is here.


“Most Motorcycles cover a minimal annual mileage, have low emissions, they reduce congestion & do little to damage the roads.” Some really well thought through arguments there.

the government will not do anything that does not make them extra money!

the government will not do anything that does not make them extra money! The Sleeper
unless it gets them elected; in which it will.


Last time I checked, it was very hard to find emissions data for motorbikes but my understanding is that they have to comply with much older (and therefore less onerous) emissions testing - I can’t imagine that many manufacturers are going out of their way to exceed the requirements so new bikes are probably pumping out more emissions than new cars.

Also; my bike covers a lot more mileage than my car - probably at least 4 or 5 times as much, even though I share the car with my wife.

Much as I would like to be £80 richer, I don’t really see much justification for making bikes exempt unless they reduced congestion to such an extent that emissions by other vehicles are greatly reduced as a result.

Not signing it - don’t agree with it. 

Right several things.  Road tax, was abolished and replace with Vehicle Excise Duty.  Pedantic?  Maybe, they are arguments that they are the same, this is not the place for it.

Second car VED is based on emissions.  There are multiple bands, which took over from the old system of being based on engine capacity.  This was partly to get people to buy cars that generate lower emissions.

Third motorcycle VED is based on engine capacity, not emissions.  The government or Ministry of Transport decided not to reband motorcycles based upon emissions, probably due to the emission testing that is not required by manufacturers.  The manufacturers are only required to ensure that their engines meet the current Euro standard, and because the sales are so small exempted them from exact CO2 emission testing.

Forth, there are so many of these pointless petitions that apathy has taken over.

It’s no longer called VED
It’s call vehicle tax

I can’t sign anything that tries to prove a point of a complicated matter in just 4 lines…

Motorcycles do not require an emissions test for an MOT so they can’t base the Vehicle Licence Fund on Emissions as it isn’t a legal requirement for a Motorcycle to pass certain emission perameters

Different governments have tried different ways of assessing ‘road tax’ over the years: engine size, CO2, flat rate. The French even went so far as abolishing it altogether but have some punitively expensive toll roads. One of the problems with all these systems is manufacturers bring in models to bend the rules. Anything above 2 litres is heavily taxed in Italy so their market got 2.0L turbo Ferraris, when they were 3.0L elsewhere. With the recent CO2 based system, look at how many models got under the 99 g/100 km - even some great big Mercs, if you believe official figures.

I think the simplest formula would be enclosed volume. That way a massive big Range Rover would cost several times what a Micra would. This would have an immediate affect on the grossly overweight and oversized monsters everyone is buying these days. We might get some road space back.

And motorbikes would be a fraction of a fraction of a Micra.

I’ll sign a petition for this.