motorcycle security rails

the management company that look after the block of flats where I live have offered to install one of those security rails for mot users to chain their bikes up to as we currently have no secure parking for bikes in the block.

they’ve sent our residents association a couple of proposals/quotes but what they’ve come up with so far looks pretty crap… (they arent bike minded) So I thought I’d get a few quotes myself and see if I could find anything decent but am struggling to find a place in or near London

just wondering if any of you know of any companies based in or around London that supply and fit those rails that you sometimes find in London parking bays which you can chain your bikes up to securely?

Kind of something like this but an in ground fitting as opposed to the surface mount type.

Just because I spotted it earlier on another thread, maybe you could look into a ground anchor solution like Kensington borough council (bottom of page on link below)!

Just realised I didn’t log tiggi off the iPad!!! SeanR1:blush:

maybe give this guy a call

I bet those rails are no more secure than a scaffold tube - you could probably get something welded up for a few quid and then just dig a hole & cast it in.

Quote the management company £10 less than their best quote to do it yourself :smiley:

To be fair… I’d feel more secure doing it myself!