Motorcycle schematics, blueprints, part number, ect....

Right so some of you may know I have a project on going at the moment. Haven’t really started it, in the way that most would… By that I mean I’ve been ‘planning’ a lot. Now I’m down to a bit of research and haven’t found much info.

Any one know of any good sites that have full schematics for mc’s.
I’ve tried forum specific but with out much luck. And if I do that I feel like I would be limiting my part options with what info I can find. If it was all in one place I could, in theory, then browse a load in one go.

I dont know of any sites but a quick google search provided me with official Yamaha YBR and Honda VFR service manuals so I guess its worth a shot?

That site does microfiche part search and covers most popular models .

if kwak cornwallkawasaki or the two listed above also

Just wanted to say thanks guys…