motorcycle road pricing plans

Did you guys read the article in MCN (web or paper?):

"Riders need to act now to challenge plans for road pricing for bikes, the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) has warned.

Motorcycle Industry Association policy director Craig Carey-Clinch says riders need to make their views known to regional transport authorities planning to charge us pay-as-you-ride charges from 2012.

MCN out August 22, 2007, reveals how plans for road pricing with no exemption for motorcycles have been drawn up in Cambridgeshire. Draft plans set out charges of £3-5 a day to enter a Cambridge congestion zone for all vehicles including motorcycles.

The region joins Manchester in announcing plans for road pricing without exemptions for motorcycles. When Manchester’s plans were unveiled in May, the city’s transport authority said cars would be charged £5 a day to enter a congestion zone and that motorcycles would get a discount but not exemption.

Since then the authority has dithered and said it hasn’t decided after receiving many objections from riders. Last week, a spokesman said motorcycles were “not excluded” at this stage.

Government has indicated that regional road pricing schemes are likely to influence future national plans.

Craig Carey-Clinch warned that regional road pricing for bikes would lead to the same nationally if not stopped now.

He said: “I think we all know the underlying motive here is to pilot schemes that could be used nationally. It’s all part of the softening-up process.”

Manchester and Cambridge have said public consultations will be conducted later this year or early next – but there’s no need to wait."

What do you think? is this another MCN scarestory? or has it got basis?

Usual MCN Bllx I’d say. I think the same issue mentioned that they’d found a Lancaster bomber on the moon…

Anyway even if its true I never ride to Manchester or Cambridge so no skin off my nose

gixergooner said: “Anyway even if its true I never ride to Manchester or Cambridge so no skin off my nose”

… That sounds a little short-sighted to me! …

quoted from Panagiotis’ article: “Craig Carey-Clinch warned that regional road pricing for bikes would lead to the same nationally if not stopped now.”

MAG is currently working on Manchester… If we can get bikes to be charge-free there then the rest may follow suit, as the guv’mint wants all local road-pricing plans to be substantially similar to avoid confusion. Sadly the London Congestion charge is not included in this ‘bundle’.

MAG response to Manchester Authorities: pdf 161kb

If you want to help, make sure MAG gets enough money to pay David Short’s wages by joining up if not already a member.


Issued 2nd November 2006

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is pleased to announce that it has employed David Short, the former Chief Superintendent of Police for North Yorkshire to head up the group’s political campaigns in the UK.

MAG was looking for someone with the strategic discipline, intellect, presentational qualities and gravitas to enhance MAG’s credibility in political spheres. David has these skills in abundance allied to a mustard keen enthusiasm for biking and that most helpful of all qualities, he’s likeable.

For years bikers have seen themselves as underdogs who will not be listened to by politicians, a perception that MAG has always sought to change. MAG is about empowering bikers and now that many of us are of the generation that currently rules the world we intend to shape our own future as never before. The selection of David Short in part reflects the true scope of MAG’s ambition.

MAG President Ian Mutch said, “We don’t want to fight society, we want to help run it. MAG is on a roll right now. MAG has never had such an intellectual, well connected and harmonious team as currently steer the organisation and we encourage all riders to support us.”

David Short, 50, retired earlier this year after 30 years in the police service. An enthusiastic and life long rider he currently owns a Ducati S4RS 1000 Monster, a Yamaha Fazer and two classic Royal Enfield’s.

In his former role David was the founder of the ‘Bike Safe’ motorcycle safety initiative and he was awarded the Prince Michael of Kent Road Safety award for his innovative approach to motorcycle casualty reduction. Bike Safe is now a national programme.

David says, “I am absolutely delighted to have secured this position. It will enable me to channel all my, experience, negotiating and networking skills into something that I care passionately about. I recognise MAG-UK as an organisation which is dynamic, forward thinking and which carries real and meaningful influence with decision makers.”

iv heard about this its true they want to trile run it then put it into london but thats mad if they do the only reason there are bikes in london is because they asked people to ride them in insted of cars and plus trains andundergroud have gone up aswell ffs were are all going to be out of our jobs soon i dont get payed enough to deal with that c**p