Motorcycle Recovery Needed

Now that SOS Motorcyle Recovery has gone bust, is there anyone out there with a van or trailer to pick up my ZX6 non starter (not due to battery) & transport to Burwins (20 mins away) for repair? North London obviously :smiley:

Many thanks. Q

speak to ADZ he might be able to help.

and SOS have gone bust? I did not know that

Thanks - i looked him up but couldn’t find him…

Yep SOS went bust last week, i know it’s sad they were great

use a streetvan?

Give Andyp on the forum A Ring If work lets him he may help PM him

give my mate Rostyle a PM.

he is usually busy so no garuntee, but worth a go.

call Southern Cross in Kilburn. They have a guy that collects. £20 - £30

Now sorted thanks guys & AndyP :slight_smile: Q