Motorcycle parts instore

I’m heading to OMC tomorrow and it’s only now I’m thinking I may as well change my chain while I’m there.

Is there any parts places in central or SE London that I can actually go into to buy one? J&S and infinity don’t stock chains apparently.

FWR only seem to do kits but I already have new sprockets.

Depending in your bike try Metropolis

It doesn’t look like they do (online), but will give them a ding later. Thanks mate.

Order them online today and you can get them delivered straight to OMC !!

Nice tip. Thanks :+1:t3:

Just make sure the shop will deliver by the time you get there… otherwise you will have a lot of waiting around.

Bear in mind with some shops like sportsbikeshop they order from their suppliers… and if they have an issue, it gets delayed. Happened with my cleaning kit… because theit supplier had run out it delayed my order by about a week.

I think wemoto have a next day delivery and they’re very good usually. Give them a ring to see if they can get it to you

Might suggest to push your OMC date out till you have everything you need? Best not to rush things mate. 

Decided to leave the chain and will do it another time.

I took tomorrow off and back to work Wednesday so will keep the booking.

So that means… KKEB Thursday and BCR Sunday for you?

It should.

FWR might have your chain in stock.

Will give them a ding. That would be ideal.

Thanks mate

Got a chain from FWR. £90 from them over the counter… £75 from demon tweeks online.

Mental note to plan better next time!

Nice meeting you Nivag… :sunglasses: