Motorcycle Parking in Westminster - Latest News

I don’t know why everyone blames the scooters for inconsiderate parking. I have two very large bays outside my window, which I keep an eye on because Jackie parks there. In over six months of monitoring activity outside I have yet to see a scooterist move another person’s bike or park across a bike so it can’t be moved. The worst culprits by far are BMW riders (both old and new) and riders of older machines of all descriptions. A rider of a 37 year old Honda 750 Four is an absolute b’stard moving bikes all over the place to jam his thing in so tight it has twice taken the two of us to manouvre Jackie’s bike out by the time he has finished!

As for sticking to marked bays - of course peopel won’t if there is space to jam a bike in. And it won’t necessarily be the scooters that do that I can tell you!

OK yaeh point taken, the worst damage until recently was done by a big bike, but most recently my tank was scratched to s**t by a scooter, but anyways see your point, but was saying scooters cos they usually dont take up as much room as a big bike on a side stand, so are more likely to see an in-between bay as a space rather than a big bike.

But is it going to be an offence to park across the bays…?

No problem Ian.

I am sure it will happen. The only way it won’t is if the PTB provide enough spaces for all who want them.

“But is it going to be an offence to park across the bays…?”

If we assume that it will be an offence how will they know which bike is the culprit and fine it.

for example if i am parked in a bay and someone caomes and moves my bike/scooter to make room and then we are both over the edge of the marked bay who gets fined?

my guess: both!

I look forward to seeing the Government’s response to the petition that was signed by more than 4,400 people for which the link is below.

Personnally if these charges go ahead, I will have a velcro plate whereby I will take the plate off my scooter when parked. They can’t do anything with a scooter that has no plate… or alternatively, I will register it abroad as I have a house overseas and am entitled to have a vehicle registered there… so f*ck off Westminster!

It is an offence to remove or obscure your registration plate. A bike with no plate can be removed. How will you then collect it from the pound if you can’t refer to the number?

Registering abroad may not help either if the other country is in the EU. Plus the cost is not minimal - you will need a certificate of conformity, and EU as opposed to UK headlights fitted to pass the inspection. Expect a total bill of around EUR450. Possibly other mods as well, such as side-facing indicators, etc, etc.

Remember that all the current motorbike bays can be legally parked on by cars if they so desire - there have been no Traffic Management Orders made - the current bays are only there as ‘goodwill’. The new bays will be subject to the TMOs, and as such you should never again see skips and PortaKabins taking them over. The TMOs are the bits that cost, up to GBP2000 per bay (adverts, legal thingies, consultation, YNI) - the white lines and signage are insignificant.

Adding basic security measures in a safe manner also costs, but again not so much as the TMOs.

Although MAG is still fundamentally against the principle of paying for parking bikes, this is Westminster with everyone competing for space, unlike Paris say with wide boulevards. Frankly if I worked in Westminster I’d pay GBP1.50 a day to have space around my bike and something to chain it to, with the possibility of getting 24/7 working security cameras added in the future. Ultimately it is a democratic decision by well-informed people elected by those who live in Westminster, be thankful they didn’t ask for the residents’ actual opinions, you may have found bikes banned altogether…

As I understand it MAG is still seeking a formal declaration that the daily bike parking fee in aggregate will never exceed the running costs of this scheme, and if it does the extra will be spent on further improvements.

Couriers should ensure their firms secure some sort of agreement with the Council on parking payments - it shouldn’t come out of any courier’s own pocket.

as the original post says, its going to happen. best just to roll with it. had it free up until now. anyway.

I come into town each day Mon to Fri on my 250 cc. I spend such little on commuting costs as a result I can easily absorb the extra 1.50 per day. perhaps for some the answer is to commute in on something more economical like a smaller bike, and use your beasts for the weekends to help absorb cost. takes some getting used to though, i mean riding a smaller bike. once you get past the ego/pride/image thing of not riding a 1000cc 180 mph bike in congested london, its quite liberating!, and you have more money.

I made this decision Jan this year, I aint ever coming in to town on anything bigger than a 250cc. it literally runs on air compared to some other bikes/modes of transport.

Now westminster are starting charging just wait for the other boroughs to follow suit.

Its happening with congestion charging.

Er… no it’s not, please check facts.

(little hint, boroughs don’t impose congestion charges… )

Who is resposible for imposing the proposed congestion charges in:
Bristol etc etc?

(Little hint, it aint Tfl…)

You may be interested in Greenwich’s proposed congestion charge also.

Anyway this thread is about parking charges which local boroughs are responsable for.
If anyone really thinks that other boroughs will not WCC’s lead they are quite frankly deluded.

If they think the charge will stay at £1.50 for long then they are also deluded.