Motorcycle parking at railway stations

I can’t believe that in 40+ years of motorcycling I’ve never needed to park a m/cycle at a railway station, but that is so.

Now, I need to do this soon so I thought I’d go and ask at my local station whether m/cyclists have to pay. Seems a reasonable question.

What I’d not allowed for was that the only member of staff on duty could not cope with "Motorcycle/Park/Pay in the same sentance. I did learn, though I already sort of knew, that cars have to pay. I was told several times and the notice about car parking charges was pointed out to me twice.

WTF! Help! Do you have to pay for m/cycle parking at railway stations?

Station carparks are managed by other companies (mostly NCP).

And each one has different rules based upon their local authority and parking demands.

Which station you thinking of parking at… I’ll find out.

Yes, it depends. Some are certainly free. Check out Guildford car park on streetview! :slight_smile:

Which station you thinking of parking at… I’ll find out.

Probably Mottingham, SE 9

Thanks GoF

As from below, If you take up a car space, they’ll ask you to pay.
If you find a space, that doesn’t block cars or footpaths you should be ok to go for free.

I’d ride up and speak to a car park attendant, one person normally covers a few car parks so they are not always there. Also, if you ride up and you see another bike parked, usually a sign thats its bike friendly.

If still in doubt, get the car park policies from the company itself.

Car park

Car park operator
Meteor Parking Ltd
Car park operator phone
0845 603 6197 (primary)
Car park operator address

[email protected]

Car park spaces
£4.50 peak , £3.50 off peak , £4.50 daily , £20.50 weekly , £75.50 monthly , £221.00 three-monthly , £441.50 six-monthly , £785.00 annually
At weekends and on public holidays prices may differ, check payment machines or on-station information for prices