Motorcycle mechanics skills course - merton college vs Hammersmith & Fulham

hey guys,

Just want to see if any of you have done the course and can tell me which one is better.

I applied for the Merton college (haven’t pay the fee yet) but I just found out today that Hammersmith & Fulham Adult Learning and Skills Service also provides a similar course, so I just want to find out you guys’ opinion on these courses. I wouldn’t think any of you have done both, would you? especially, they are very similar I think. Anyway, any opinions will help.

Many thanks in advance


Having worked for both Harley-Davidson and BMW, I can tell you that merton was more widely recognised as the better place!

I done a couple of course’s there and found them very professional.

Merton college all the way i done my engineering course there and well knew everywhere

+1 for Merton.

It cant be as bad as the old guy in Hammersmith! :w00t:
Clueless & TIGHT as a ducks a**e


told you not to go :stuck_out_tongue: