Motorcycle Mechanic: Either qualified or years of experience required to answer this question.

Hi all, I need this question answered by someone who I can refer to as an “expert” in a legal matter, which will require either qualifications or experience in the field, 6 months probably not going to cut it, a few years probably will. I was thinking of Matt for this but I know he kinda busy so figured there would be more people on LB who fit the bill.

You will receive exactly the same amount of pay as I do…which is exactly zero pounds and zero pence. You will not be required to draft a document, nor will be required to attend court or give a statement; however, I need you to be absolutely spot on in what you tell me.

Here is the question:

Is it possible for front brake discs to warp to a certain point due to simple wear and tear pressures, or is it the case that the discs will continue to warp once they have started to warp and continue to get worse?

Thanks in advance.

Its usually uneven wear rather than actual warping is the issue . It will continue to get worse as it creates a hot spot .If a disc was actually warped as in bent I would suspect it had been hit by something or cracked or wrongly mounted .

fas num num said, or like my fazer, the slider pin on the calliper seized causing the rear pad to stick on one guessing thats what caused my disc to warp…

I think I fit you bill bike trade since 1977 dealer / Suzuki trained

Yes disks do warp but it very unusual for there not to be a cause normally either poor calliper maintenance or external damage disk lock or parking indecent it requires surprising little sideways force to warp a disk !